Healthera for patients


Professional advice

Did you know that your local pharmacist knows as much about most medicines as your GP? Studies have shown that getting fast, professional feedback is the best way to keep on track with your medication.

Zero input

Every other app asks you to manually input your medicine name, dosage, and each time slot. With Healthera you can simply scan the badge on your medicine, and it will do all the hard work.

Privacy protection

We don’t access your personal information or your medical records. We are fully compliant with HIPPA and NHS data protection.

Healthera for pharmacies


Learn which patients are doing just fine and which patients could really use your advice. Visible only to you and not to us. See useful information about the medicine you dispense.

Seamless integration

Our technology allows you to print a Healthera-enabled “Badge” on existing prescription labels, without any additional work, when dispensing medicine.

Pharmacy for the digital age

One-scan smart alarm. Cloud platform. Understand and help your patients like never before. Turn your pharmacy into the local digital hub for health.

Healthera on your mobile

It's free for patients to download and use

Smart prescription label

Zero-input, a seamless medical experience

Automatic scheduling

Never forget, stay on top of your medicine
know your condition

Smart Health

Simply illustrated, know your own conditions better
direct to pharmacy

Direct pharmacy channel

Stay connected, talk to your pharmarcist

Contact us

One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Our mission is to offer a professional, personal, and fully-automatic notification system through partner pharmacies, and to build a channel of communication that addresses medical issues.