NHS Repeat Prescription App

by your local pharmacy

Order your NHS repeat prescriptions anytime, anywhere

Order and track your repeat prescriptions from your local pharmacy with our user-friendly NHS repeat prescription app - join the tens of thousands of people who manage their repeat prescriptions with Healthera every day.

Use a pill reminder app

Have you ever missed a pill? Are you dealing with all your medicines by yourself? Healthera’s medicine reminder app can help you remember how and when to take your medicines. You can message your pharmacist whenever you need to.

Enjoy the services from a local pharmacy

Have you ever wondered if there is a local pharmacy open now? Our clinical team chooses the most professional and caring pharmacies across the country to make sure there is always a pharmacy for you to provide prescriptions and clinical support.

Easy alternative to GP appointment

Feel like skipping the wait at your GP? Our pharmacies provide clinical consultations and a broad range of NHS services. Just make an appointment with the app and get the help you need in no time.

See what our users think

Really well designed process. Their repeat prescription process worked great for me, as you can imagine. the GP search feature was improved this version.
I love this app! This app is great!! Easy to use with lots of features. I especially like how it reminds me each hour if I'm unable to take my medicine at that exact moment. I've recommended it to my family
Perfect! I've tried several similar applications, they all seem to lack one feature or another. This application has all of the bases covered.
Good app. I've had a problem remembering if I took my meds more than remembering to take them. I've worked swing shifts most of my life in steel mills & it's hard to stay regular. This app has helped greatly keep me in touch with my meds & if I took them.
Got a travel vaccine. Found my closest pharmacy. Never knew they offered travel vaccines for so cheap. Great service, the pharmacy was very responsive.