Simple & Delightful Health Management

Let's start from your pills

The Healthera App

Smart Medicine Label

Tired of typing medicine names and calculating your medicine schedule? Scan your Healthera prescription label and let it set alarms for you.


Automatic Scheduling

The smart medicine diary plans out your pills, capsules, drops and spoonfuls. It reminds you of your next pharmacy visit and... it’s all done automatically!

Smart Health

Know your conditions better: Healthera tracks your medicine taking and illustrates it for you. Share it with your pharmacist and GP.


Direct Pharmacy Chat

Stay connected. Message your pharmacist for free on our secure private channel.

Pharmacy Service Booking

Did you know you can get free services at your pharmacy? Go ahead and book one for free with Healthera.


Carer Mode

Take care of your family and friends, and maybe your pets too!