July 2017

And Healthera’s star pharmacies of this month are...

Homeground Pharmacy, Swindon

Parade Pharmacy, Fleckney

Healthera has been really taking off in UK pharmacy over this last month and consequently the number of app users is rising dramatically.

On our side we’ve added repeat ordering reminders, streamlined the medicine cabinet and simplified the apps medicine adding process even further.

But it isn’t just our efforts that are putting Healthera on the map, the contributions of our hard working pharmacies are really helping to make a difference.

Following the success of Homeground Pharmacy in Swindon and Parade Pharmacy in Fleckney, our Pharmacy Innovation Managers Lewis and Ayshea have visited both pharmacies; let’s see what they’ve found out:


Parade Pharmacy in Fleckney

Parade pharmacy have made some commendable efforts in app promotion. They have requested digital marketing material and made great use of it through regular posts on their Facebook page. The team have set aside time to run through the app and platform and have also been downloading the app on their own phones and inputting medicines to familiarise themselves with it. Overall the engagement from the team has been great.

I caught up with Susan to ask her for her thoughts.

The pharmacy platform is really simple to use and doesn’t require much time for our team to maintain.

The medicine adherence feature is great, and it’s a really good idea to help patients improve their medicine taking habits.

It’s easy for patients to order repeats, message us directly and to book appointments.

It’s also great for families and carers too, and it tells you jokes.


Homeground Pharmacy in Fleckney

Homeground pharmacy have been nominated as our star pharmacy this month due to the great efforts that they have put in to integrate Healthera into their pharmacy.  The whole team have been on board and they have really gone that extra mile to ensure Healthera app is a success. I asked Lewis a few questions and the below is his feedback...

How easy has it been for you to implement Healthera into the pharmacy?

"Pretty easy and straight forward to get started with in the pharmacy. We have the platform running throughout the day and as such have been able to react and respond to patients’ activity due to the notifications that pop up on our screen as soon as possible. Patients have been using the messaging feature which has enabled us to respond back and save time with not having to have telephone calls."

How have you found the marketing materials and support from Healthera?

"The marketing materials have been good, especially the stickers that we are using on all of the prescription bags. We have also integrated the Healthera logo into some of our own marketing materials and have put up displays within the pharmacy, posters in the swing board outside of the shop and promoted the app using our pharmacy Facebook page.  I know that this is an evolving technology and have been able to give my feedback during our weekly support calls as to what would improve the platform for us in the pharmacy. It may take a little time but I know that my recommendations are being worked on and will ultimately improve the platform further."

How are your patients finding the app?

"Our patients have been happy to download and use the app" 

For more information on how the Healthera platform can benefit your pharmacy visit our website or contact the Healthera team at +44 7913 281 294 / +44 7733 388 595.

Next month’s star could be you!

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