Frequently Asked Questions
Using NHS Login
What is NHS login?Icon
What do I need to set up my NHS login account?Icon
How do I set up NHS login?Icon
Will I be able to link my dependant to NHS login?Icon
How long will it take for the account to be set up?Icon
Can I still use the website if I do not have any ID?Icon
How do I set up NHS login if I already have an account?Icon
Resetting Password
How do I reset my password?Icon
I need help managing medication for a dependant
How do I add a dependent to the website?Icon
How do I add medicine for a dependent?Icon
How do I order medication for a dependent?Icon
Repeat Prescription
How do I order a repeat prescription?Icon
I need help managing my medication
How do I add a medicine?Icon
How do I edit or delete medicine from the website?Icon
How to join my pharmacy
Why am I added to a pharmacy nearby?Icon
How do I amend my patient profile?
How do I amend my patient profile?Icon
Alphega website is not working
What do I do if my Alphega website is not working?Icon