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Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

As England is gradually easing out of lockdown, a new Lateral Flow Distribution Service has been announced.

This will enable pharmacies to provide their patients with rapid Covid-19 tests. Pharmacies will be funded for this effort, while patients will receive this service for free. The goal is to reduce the asymptomatic covid-19 infection rates, while supporting the nation as we slowly return to being completely open.

The rapid / lateral flow tests work in under 30 minutes and are instrumental in significantly stopping the spread of the virus. As 1 in 3 people with Covid-19 don’t show any symptoms, regular testing ensures that much more of these cases are caught before others are infected.

Who is eligible for a rapid test?

Anyone in England without symptoms can now get a rapid test.

Can my pharmacy provide a rapid lateral flow test?

They can choose to. Pharmacy Collect is a service that gives pharmacy contractors the option to provide the test kits for asymptomatic people. You can find out what pharmacy provides these tests near you.

How many tests can I get?

You can collect 2 packs of 7 tests from a test site or a local pharmacy.

How does the test work?

You can do the test yourself, or ask someone to help you. You will need to run a swab along your tonsils (or tonsil area) and inside your nose, and then test the sample. Instructions will be provided in the test kit.

If you do tests at home, you’ll need to report your results.


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