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How to Stop Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea, characterised by frequent and loose bowel movements, is a common stomach issue that can leave you feeling uncomfortable. It’s essential to understand how to manage it properly to prevent dehydration and find relief.

Make Sure You’re Drinking Enough

When you have diarrhoea, your body loses a lot of water and important minerals. This can make you feel weak and tired. Drinking plenty of fluids, like water, clear soups, and oral rehydration solutions like Dioralyte, helps keep you hydrated. These fluids also contain electrolytes, which are like the body’s battery chargers and help you stay strong and prevent dehydration.

Adjust Your Diet and Avoid Trigger Foods

Changing what you eat can make a big difference when dealing with diarrhoea: 

  • Stick to gentle foods like bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast (BRAT)

  • Avoid fatty, spicy, and greasy foods, as well as caffeine and alcohol – these can make diarrhoea worse

  • Eating plain yoghurt and boiled potatoes can also help your stomach calm down

  • Eating probiotics found in foods like yoghurt can help bring balance to your digestive system

Give Your Body a Break

Taking care of yourself when you have diarrhoea involves giving your body a break. Stress can make tummy troubles worse, so finding relaxation through methods like deep breathing and meditation can help ease discomfort. Also, remember to keep things clean, proper hand washing is essential to stop the spread of germs that lead to diarrhoea.

Looking ahead, it’s smart to prevent future episodes. Practising good hygiene, including washing your hands after using the toilet and before eating, helps keep germs at bay. Handling food safely and drinking clean water are steps to avoid stomach problems. And maintaining a balanced diet and finding ways to manage stress are great habits for your digestive health.

Taking Over-The-Counter Medicines

When dealing with diarrhoea, there are different approaches to consider. Over-the-counter medications like loperamide can help slow down bowel movements, but it’s important not to rely on them too much. If your diarrhoea persists or worsens, we suggest seeking medical attention from your doctor or pharmacist. 

You should seek medical advice immediately by visiting or calling 111 if you notice blood in your stool or are suffering from severe dehydration.

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