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Living the Values of the NHS

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

The NHS is an organisation where workers feel a great sense of pride in helping provide affordable healthcare services across the country. Let’s take the opportunity this NHS Values Week to really appreciate the importance of the NHS, and incorporate a bit more of their care values into our everyday life. 

The NHS Values of Care

The goal of Values Week is to demonstrate to NHS workers around the United Kingdom the importance of their jobs to the vibrant national healthcare system. In particular, it is a week that allows those supporting the NHS infrastructure to celebrate their efforts with pride. The NHS imparts the following values upon every facet of their organisation: working together for patients, compassion, respect and dignity, improving lives, commitment to quality of care, and the tenet that “everyone counts.” As the NHS is ultimately a collaboratory project of the people and government, this common set of values guides the principles of everybody who is a stakeholder in the nation’s collective health and wellbeing. These values form the foundation of communication between the NHS and patients, setting the expectations for care and support, equally for everyone.

How to Take Initiative

You can make a difference and increase the outreach of this project in many ways. By sharing this post and related articles on social media, you will be promoting Values Week to your followers and showing them the importance we place upon the dedicated NHS care values. We also want to encourage you to bring NHS values into public prominence: reach out to people you know working in the NHS and communicate with them your ideas of public health, while listening to what they think about the values and initiative. 


You can take this a step further by talking to members of your local community, and helping to build them into local ambassadors of the compassionate messages that hold key weight in the foundations of the NHS. We really want to encourage strong personal growth and excellence across all areas of health and care. If you take the NHS values into your own life, you will notice how well they are applied towards your interpersonal relationships and beyond. So, this Values Week, take advantage of the opportunity and adopt for yourself the caring values of the NHS!

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