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What is Metoclopramide Used For?

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

Metoclopramide is an anti-sickness medicine (antiemetic), and is primarily used to counteract the effects of nausea and vomiting in scenarios such as:

  • Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy
  • Migraine-Induced Sickness
  • Operations
  • End-of-life (palliative care)


It is only available on prescription, and typically comes in tablet or liquid form that you swallow. Though it can also be administered via injection in a hospital setting, or when visiting the patient at home.

How Long Does Metoclopramide Take to Work?

Metoclopramide gets to work by blocking signals received by your brain’s vomiting centre from the chemoreceptor trigger zone (CTZ), and usually takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to take effect when taken orally in liquid or tablet form.

Common Side Effects - more than 1 in 100 people

The common side effects of metoclopramide are usually mild and tend to subside after a short period of time, and include: 

  • Diarrhoea 
  • Feeling dizzy & faint 
  • Feeling drowsy, sleepy or lacking energy
  • Feeling down (low mood)


If you are experiencing any of these side effects you should continue to take your medicine, but consult your GP or pharmacist if they persist or continue to bother you. 

Serious Side Effects - call 111 or 999 now

In rare cases metoclopramide can cause serious side effects.

If you, or the person taking it, are experiencing the following side effects stop taking the medicine and call your doctor or 111 immediately.

  • Your muscles or eyes begin moving in an uncontrolled way – like you have lost control, or they are twitching

This side effect can indicate the beginning of a seizure or a fit, and if it continues or develops you should call 999 immediately to ensure your or the person taking the medication’s safety.

To see a full list of metoclopramide’s potential side effects, please see the leaflet inside your medication’s packaging – if you are concerned, consult with your GP to discuss whether this is the best medication for you and your condition. 

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