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What Makes Us Healthera

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

Who We Are

Healthera is made up of an international team of 12 nationalities. Based in Cambridge, where Healthera was founded, we consist of an expanding group of talented individuals. We all have our own personal reasons for becoming a part of Healthera, but we’re unified together by a passion to increase efficiency for healthcare with technology.

What we are aiming to achieve here at Healthera is a necessary service to improve lives with technology.

What We Do

Healthera operates a leading healthcare marketplace that provides patients with medicines, healthcare services and products through the largest digital platform of pharmacies and GPs in the UK, including national chains and independent providers.

We focus on digitising and automating primary care processes in order to improve prescribing efficiency and patient experience while reducing wastage for the NHS.

Especially in times like now, our service provides much needed support and safety for those afraid, or unable, to go to pharmacies for their essential medication.

Our technology empowers patients to access faster medicine delivery and personalised medical care local to them. We reinvent the pharmacy’s operating model which leads to better patient communication, more cross sales and stronger customer loyalty.

What We’ve Accomplished

In the 5 years since we began, Healthera has expanded across the UK, beyond what we could have hoped. Healthera has a reach of over 20 million people in partnership with over 1000 pharmacies and a few major CCGs across the UK. We’re accredited by NHS Digital, the preferred technology partner of renowned healthcare trade organisations and we are one of the fastest growing digital health scale-ups in Europe.

Our Future

As a health tech company, we want to help revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry, making it work better for everyone. We started with the smartest medication reminders and fastest UK prescription delivery, but we don’t plan to stop there. We exist to transform the way a nation delivers its healthcare to its population, all the way from repeat prescriptions to personalised clinical services.

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