Broadway Pharmacy

Broadway Pharmacy is an independent community pharmacy in Bexleyheath offering repeat prescriptions and a popular travel clinic among many other services. Bipin Patel is the Pharmacist and has also been the owner since 1983; he has a team of friendly and helpful staff, all of which are on hand to greet and serve the steady stream of patients coming in throughout the day.

“It’s all about the patient journey and patient experience. Whatever we do behind the scenes, if it makes them leave with a smile on their face then that’s a job well done!”

What Makes this Pharmacy Stand Out?

During our visit to Broadway Pharmacy, it was clear how much the staff valued their work. Speaking to them, you could really tell the enthusiasm and passion each team member had for their role. Helping customers, meeting new people and learning something new every day were all mentioned as things that make the work so meaningful to them.

Hansha, who has been working at Broadway Pharmacy for nearly 8 years, talked about how much she enjoyed the variety in her role, while Rav praised his coworkers and the fantastic learning opportunities that his job provides.

Available Services

Being such a trusted and dependable healthcare hub within the community, Broadway Pharmacy offers a wide range of services, their most popular being the travel clinic.

Alongside these, patients have bookable access to a full range of NHS and non-NHS Pharmacy services including sexual health services, blood testing and, of course, repeat prescriptions. Broadway Pharmacy is also a designated yellow fever vaccination centre.

How the Pharmacy has Evolved

According to the team, Broadway Pharmacy has grown and changed a lot over recent years. Bipin, in particular, talks about the huge changes in the ways that pharmacy operations are carried out – noting the transition from managing paper-based prescriptions to doing everything electronically.

The main change has been the introduction of new systems and an increased demand for integrating technology into daily pharmacy operations. As Jean highlights, though, the actual patient-facing environment has remained much the same, which means they are able to provide their customers with familiarity and consistency.

Our Partnership

With the rapid digitalisation in the pharmacy industry, Broadway Pharmacy has been quick to adopt technology into their daily operations and patient communications. According to Bipin, “the Healthera app is the natural progression, as everyone does everything on an app now!” He goes on to explain how the introduction of technology has helped give his patients more flexibility and choice, providing them with different ways in which they can manage their prescriptions.

“With Healthera, it makes it easier for the patient to remember to take their medication and reorder their prescriptions with the click of a button.”

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