About Healthera

Bringing Consumer Health into the Digital Era

Transforming a £25bn market with a consumer-first approach

Our mission

Our mission is to make medicine easily accessible for those who need it & to support hardworking healthcare professionals with new technology. 

Currently, only 5% of medicine is digital. Healthera is at the forefront of driving this percentage skywards.

Through revolutionising people’s everyday relationship with their health and by utilising the existing supply chain of local pharmacies (covering over 30 million people), we can transform a fragmented system into one that delivers on all fronts.  

By starting in the UK – partnering with the NHS – and with our first international launch coming in 2024, we strive to give patients everywhere an easy way to manage their personal health.

For patients, Healthera is 'simplicity'

  • An app and website where you can order NHS & private prescriptions, buy one-off medicines, and book health services from local pharmacies and doctors


  • A single platform for interacting with healthcare organisations and for managing medicine adherence


  • The first app in the UK to offer everything “health” in one place

For pharmacies & healthcare companies, Healthera is 'growth'

  • A platform to grow and future-proof your business as patients increasingly expect digital solutions – unlocking millions of people who want to order online


  • A single point of connectivity between a highly fragmented healthcare system, taking the hassle out of multi-party operations like prescription ordering


  • The easiest way to get an app, website, and more for a pharmacy that actually drives revenue

Patient App

Medicine Management Platform

Pharmacy Websites

Over 1,600+ pharmacies & 99% of GPs already use Healthera

Working with both the biggest pharmacy chains and the hardest-working independents, we have built a community of forward-thinking businesses across the UK

Over 10 million prescriptions processed through our platform

With a large patient base across the country, we’ve helped process over 10 million prescriptions from our network of local and online pharmacies

750,000+ users and counting

We’ve come a long way since first launching. As one of the most popular healthcare apps and websites in the UK, we now serve hundreds of thousands of people every month

Our story

Healthera started out of Cambridge University in 2015, initially with a mission to make medicine adherence easier for patients (in other words: helping to remind people when to take their medication). 

3 engineering students developed a helpful app that was quickly taken up by local pharmacies and their patients.

Throughout this first local rollout, our founders spoke with dozens of pharmacies and hundreds of regular pharmacy users. They discovered that there was a far larger space for innovation than just providing medicine alarms. 

In 2017, Healthera refocused on streamlining the wider pharmacy journey…

Making prescription ordering fully digital and easy to track for both the patient and the pharmacy.

Over the years, our vision has grown to encompass simplifying more and more parts of the patient journey, but that initial mission has always remained the same: How can we make life easier for patients and healthcare companies?

Since those early days, we have grown our user and pharmacy base by a staggering amount and innovated in ways we’d never even considered possible. 

Today, we work with the NHS and the biggest private healthcare organisations in the UK to deliver the best experience on the market for people who need medicine. 

We can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

Who we are

Still based in the city where it all started, Cambridge, our team of 40+ are a collection of pharmacy clinicians, healthcare professionals, computer scientists, and ecommerce experts – ensuring we have both the clinical and consumer expertise to make our mission a success.

Our three core values

Compassion for our customers
Actionable innovation
Thinking big

We’re always on the lookout for the best talent. If you believe in our mission and think you can bring something to the Healthera team, we’d love to hear from you.

Simply send an email to career@healthera.co.uk 

If you represent a company and would like to contact Healthera for business or partnership opportunities, please email us at partners@healthera.co.uk 

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