About Us

Our Story

The journey of Healthera began at Cambridge University, when our founders, Quintus, Martin and Jin were working with the Institute of Public Health and discovered massive inefficiencies in how patients received and handled their medication. It became apparent that a personalised and digital solution needs to be incubated and an opportunity that affects 30 million UK adults is on the horizon.

The solution started with an artificially intelligent mobile app that is designed to help patients adhere to their medication. Their journey quickly led them to speak to their local pharmacists, who dealt with patient non-adherence issues day in and day out. 

Our founders quickly realised that pharmacies had both the compassion and incentive to help their patients adhere to their medications, but lacked the technology to do so. Not only were they under constant clerical stress, spending too much on the phone or working with a pile of papers, they were also losing touch with their patients the moment they walked out of the pharmacy.

This is when Healthera was born.

Over the last 5 years, Team Healthera has:

Expanded the pharmacy partner base to over 1500

Forged multiple NHS CCG Partnerships

Launched 5 custom apps for enterprises & clinical research

Built the first-ever local delivery network for prescriptions in the UK

We combined improving medicine adherence with modernising pharmacy operational processes, becoming the UK’s leading digital pharmacy platform.

Now, we operate a leading healthcare marketplace that provides patients with medicines, healthcare services and products through the largest digital platform of pharmacies and GPs in the UK, including national chains and independent providers. 

Our technology empowers patients to access faster medicine delivery and personalised medical care local to them. We reinvent the pharmacy’s operating model which leads to better patient communication, more cross-sales and stronger customer loyalty. We are here to transform the way a nation delivers its healthcare to its population, all the way from repeat prescriptions to personalised clinical services, and our journey has just started!

Our Values

From the beginning, we have held onto our core values. They keep us going and remind us what we’re doing this for. It’s these values that we look for in every member of our team; past, current and future.

If you share these values, we’d love to hear from you!

We champion our pharmacy partners

We know and believe that pharmacies have a lot more to offer than what was made available to them. Our speciality is helping you do what you do best. With us, old processes will no longer hold you back.

It’s important for our pharmacy partners to know that we are not contractors; we are partners. Through marketing, branding, training and of course, technology, we will enable you to provide better patient-centric care, grow more revenue, serve more patients while representing and supporting you whole-heartedly along the journey.

We are careful with all data that goes through our platforms; yours, ours, and your patients.

As our heroes under these trying times, helping the nation recover, we all win by helping you win.

Everything we do is patient-centric

Just as our pharmacy partners do, we believe that patients deserve the best. The decisions we make are to make the lives of patients easier.

We want to provide patients with the best experience possible. To provide patients who entrust our service a top-notch standard of care where they would naturally expect from their food delivery, they taxi hauling or their online shopping. We are revolutionising how patients should expect to receive from their care provider in the UK.

We are driven by technology

We are very proud to say that we have always been working with the best engineers and product designers

Our goal is to improve the lives of patients and pharmacies through technological advancements.

We release new updates every few weeks, with major, groundbreaking, developments released every quarter. These include:

  • Native apps on iOS and Android for the most responsive experience
  • Integration with patient records and third parties to provide an end to end, rich experience.
  • Using data to help our pharmacies achieve the fastest processing times and delivery times, and the best patient experience
  • Advanced security and encryption processes

With every change or advancement, we bring our customers along – both patients and pharmacies.

Want to join the team at Healthera?