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How to get rid of cystitis fast?

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

Cystitis is a common urinary tract infection (UTI), which occurs when bacteria enters the bladder. While both men and women can get cystitis, it’s more common in women due to their anatomy.

About half of all women will experience cystitis at least once in their lifetime. The symptoms—like the frequent and urgent need to pee, pain while peeing, and pelvic discomfort—can be distressing.

However, with treatment, cystitis is usually harmless and tends to go away within a few days.

If you’re a woman and you think you might have cystitis, don’t wait to see your doctor. Book an online consultation with a pharmacist to get the care and treatment you need.

How to get rid of cystitis?

Leaving your cystitis untreated can cause the bacteria to spread from your bladder to your kidneys, which can cause serious health issues.

Though mild cases of cystitis can easily be treated at home with the following tips, if you think your condition may be more severe you should consider consulting your pharmacist who can properly diagnose the condition, and prescribe antibiotics if appropriate. 

With that said, here are our tips for getting rid of cystitis quickly:

  • Drink plenty of water to flush out bacteria
  • Drink unsweetened cranberry juice 
  • Make sure to pee often and avoiding holding it in
  • Use a heating pad or hot water bottle to soothe pain
  • Take paracetamol to reduce pain
  • Wipe from front to back to prevent the spread of more bacteria
  • Avoid sex until the infection has gone away
  • Avoid irritants like coffee and alcohol

Frequently asked questions about cystitis

How to get rid of cystitis fast at home?

To get rid of cystitis at home, drink plenty of water, use a hot water bottle and take paracetamol to reduce pain.

How to treat cystitis?

If your cystitis is severe, a pharmacist may prescribe you with antibiotics to help your body fight the infection. You should also drink plenty of water & consider low-strength painkillers to flush out bacteria, and reduce pain.

How to cure cystitis?

To cure a mild case of cystitis, simply drink plenty of water, pee regularly, avoid having sex and irritants like coffee.

A lady holds a hot water bottle to her stomach to reduce the pain caused by cystitis

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