Fatigue is a common condition that makes you feel drained, sluggish and may lead to a lack of motivation. Whether it’s from pushing yourself too hard physically, dealing with stress, or not getting enough sleep, fatigue can your impair cognitive function, decrease productivity, and impact overall well-being.

You might be fatigued if you have:

General weakness or lethargy
Difficulty concentrating or remembering information

Disturbed or insufficient sleep

  • Inadequate or poor-quality sleep
  • Underlying medical conditions such as anaemia or thyroid disorders
  • Mental health issues like depression or anxiety
  • Stressful lifestyle or excessive workload
  • Persistent tiredness, even after rest or sleep
  • Muscle weakness or aches
  • Irritability or mood fluctuations
  • Reduced motivation or interest in usual activities
  • Maintain a consistent sleep schedule 
  • Eat foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals
  • Exercise regularly for at least 150 minutes per week
  • Find healthy ways to manage your stress levels
Women fatigued sat in bed with head in hand

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