(Commonly known as pinworms) Threadworms are a common parasite, where tiny worms infect your large intestine and can be found in your poo.

You might have sore throat if you have:

Itching around your bum or vagina
Difficulty sleeping due to itchiness
Restlessness or irritability, particularly in children
  • Ingestion of threadworm eggs, often from contaminated surfaces or objects
  • Poor hygiene practices, such as not washing hands properly after using the toilet or before eating
  • Close contact with an infected person or sharing items like bedding or towels
  • Itching and irritation around the bum, particularly at night
  • Visible threadworms in your poo
  • Disturbed sleep patterns due to itching
  • Take a course of over-the-counter medication such as mebendazole as directed
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, especially after using the toilet and before eating
  • Wash bedding, towels, and clothing regularly, particularly if someone in the household is infected
  • Trim fingernails short and encourage children to avoid scratching their bottoms to prevent further spread of eggs

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