Attention All Dispensing Doctors:

Protect Your Revenue From Online Alternatives with the UK’s #1 Prescription Ordering Platform

(Give Your Patients a Way to Digitally Order with Your Surgery, Without EPS…)
Now Available:

Healthera for Dispensing Doctors

You provide a crucial service to your local community and it's time you were recognised for it…

Instead of losing patients to online alternatives like Pharmacy2U, we have a way to give patients that same level of convenience while keeping them with your surgery.

(And it doesn’t involve using EPS or taking away your control…)

Prescription Ordering Portal:

Your very own online portal where patients can order (and pay for) prescriptions with your surgery, protecting your list from online alternatives

Medicine Adherence Tools:

Your patients will be automatically reminded to take and reorder their prescription medication

Patient Messaging:

 Enjoy either one-way or two-way messaging – replace unnecessary phone calls with a simple digital conversation

Digital Dashboard:

Easily manage your orders from a single, professional platform without EPS

After helping over 1,500+ local pharmacies to simplify their prescription workflow, we're happy to announce that the same technology is now available for dispensing doctors.

This simple yet effective process will help you protect your list, increase reorder rates, and defend your business revenue long into the future. Not to mention, it’s so much easier for patients to use…


Your surgery launches on the platform:

Your prescription ordering portal and surgery branding will be live on our dedicated app and website integration within 48 hours.


Patients start using your new app and website integration:

Your patients continue to order with you because you’re offering them the convenience they’ve come to expect…


Prescription orders come straight to your digital platform:

With access to an NHSMail integrated professional platform, you can easily action, view, and log orders from a single space.

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