How much more could you earn with Healthera?

1. Enter your pharmacy's numbers

*Assumes average: 22% increase in items from digital users at 1/3 uptake

  • Enjoy higher Rx order rates with Scheduled Orders & Medicine Alarms
  • Use Digital Managed Repeats to manage prescriptions for patients
  • Immediately integrate with NHS Login, IM1, EPS, and NHS Mail

You could earn an additional £-,--- per year in revenue with Healthera

(an extra £-,--- per month)

2. Select which additional features you want to use

Your pharmacy will be shown to patients in the local area who don't yet have a nominated pharmacy

*Assumes average: 17% of Monthly Prescriptions as referred orders x £1.60 gross profit

You can sell your catalogue of basic or high-margin products to patients online from your own shop

*Assumes average: 5% of active patients order once per month x £15 (average basket size)

You can manage, promote, and edit NHS & private services – giving your patients an easy way to book

*Assumes average: 3% of active patients book once per month x £10 gross profit

Get profitable private prescription orders without having to find the patients yourself – simply dispense and get paid

*Assumes average: 30 orders per month x £30 gross profit (£900 per branch average)

Save money on delivery with Royal Mail’s exclusive pharmacy rates (and manage your account through Healthera)

*Assumes average: 50% discount per delivery x 20% of total items (24h or 48h tracked service)

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