Customer Success Stories

See why 1,500+ community pharmacies across the UK trust Healthera to future-proof their business.

Offering Patients an Alternative to Online Pharmacies

(By Streaming Everything with Healthera)

Helping to protect their business from online pharmacies, Singh Pharmacy has gone from strength to stregnth with 90% of orders ready for collection or delivery in under 2 days with patients notified via the app.

Since partnering with Healthera to give their patients access to a mobile app and fully-branded Smart Website, pharmacy owner Nadya Jethwa has taken advantage of our new Private Prescriptions to generate additional revenue for her pharmacy. 

  • Utilises free marketing support to grow 5% every month
  • Orders increased by 22% in the last 30 days

Reducing Phone Calls and Reaching 1000s of Patients

With an average of 300 weekly patients queries handled through the app, Cadham has significantly reduced phone queries while reaching thousands of patients with regular broadcasts.

Cadham Pharmacy lies in the heart of their local community, acting as a one stop, family hub for the people of Glenrothes. In their own words, they offer advice and care for patients at all ages and stages of life. As one of Healthera’s most enthusiastic partners, Cadham Pharmacy owner Bernadette Brown truly understands the importance of technology in pharmacy, and offers a dispensing robot and 24hr collection service in addition to her Healthera platform. Combined with an excellent reputation in her local community, this allows Bernadette and her staff to care for patients even when they’re unable to visit the pharmacy during open hours.  Using their Healthera app, patients use the direct messaging system to communicate with the pharmacy.
Cadham uses Healthera to handle an average of 300 patient queries per week without having to pick up the phone
Reducing the amount of time spent answering patient phone queries has freed up invaluable time for her pharmacy staff, who can now focus on delivering excellent patient care to even more patients. In addition to this, Cadhams regularly send out advertising messages using Healthera’s broadcast feature, which allows them to reach thousands of patients at once with a single message to bring in more service bookings.
“As a one-stop NHS pharmacy and clinic, the Healthera app allows my team to connect on a personal level with the families we serve”
Bernadette Brown Owner of Cadham Pharmacy & Clinic

Digitising their pharmacy to provide patients a convenient online experience, 1,161 patients have joined their app in just three months resulting in an even higher number of orders and service bookings.

Dedicated to delivering exceptional care to their patients in the Basingstoke area, Brighton Hill Pharmacy owner Sagar Lungiwala knew his pharmacy needed to provide patients with the convenience they’ve come to expect in the digital age. 

Partnering with Healthera, Brighton Hill now offers patients a simple, easy-to-use digital platform to place their repeat prescription orders and book services from.

In the short time they’ve been using Healthera to digitise their pharmacy, their staff have really gotten behind the partnership, and have done a fantastic job of inviting patients to join & interact with their app.

In fact, in the three months since going live, approximately 1,000 patients have already flocked to Brighton Hill’s Healthera platform – placing an even higher combined number of orders and service bookings.

“I’m very impressed with the patient uptake, it shows the requirement of having a digital presence in the community. Really surprised with the service bookings I’ve already received – a cherry on top”

Sagar Lungiwala
Brighton Hill Pharmacy

Built on Healthera’s innovation tech, Dears Pharmacy’s app has trpled new patient registrations and nominatons in the last 6 months alone, resulting in a staggering 40% growth in incoming orders.

Dears Pharmacy has been providing healthcare services to patients in Scotland for over 30 years. Established in 1990 by Barrie and Lesley Dear, the pharmacy has become a reputable chain with multiple locations across the country, including sites in Edinburgh, Fife, and Glasgow.

Recognising the importance of technology in pharmacy, Dears partnered with Healthera to develop a fully-branded mobile app that’d give their patients all the convenience of the Healthera platform.

Since launching, the Dears Pharmacy app has helped to further cement Dears as the logical choice for patients in Scotland, and this is clear when you look at the patient uptake. 

Hundreds of new patients are registering with, nominating to and joining their platform every single month –  which means their new patient registrations have tripled in the last 6 months alone.

Dears Pharmacy has increased orders by 40% since joining Healthera as a white-label partner

And as more and more patients begin to use their app to place prescription orders, service bookings and purchase over-the-counter goods, we’re excited to continue working closely with Dears to skyrocket their business even higher.

Using social media to connect with more than 1000 patients, Healthera Edition’s fully-branded marketing material has helped expand their reach and promote their services to an even wider audience. 

Strangford Pharmacy is an integral part of their local Northern Irish community, providing an exceptional level of care to their patients. The pharmacy’s commitment to their patients extends beyond the four walls of their pharmacy, as they offer a free prescription delivery service to their patients in the area.

One of Strangford Pharmacy’s strengths is their ability to connect with their community through social media. With over a thousand followers, the pharmacy expertly uses their social media pages to interact with their community by sharing news of local events, local sports team results, all while promoting public health and their clinical services.

Recognising the importance of their brand to the local community, Strangford Pharmacy’s owner Shane O’Hare wanted to enhance their marketing efforts without spending thousands of pounds on a marketing agency.

Upgrading their existing Healthera partnership to Healthera Edition was the obvious choice for Strangford, giving them instant access to everything our new ‘Resources’ tab has to offer – including expertly designed, fully-branded marketing materials, detailed marketing strategy guides, and more.