Modernise Your Pharmacy with a Dedicated Patient App

Future-proof your pharmacy and take advantage of a ready-made app (that patients love). From prescription ordering, to service bookings, to online OTCs – everything is already built for you.

1,500+ Pharmacies Are Already Listed on the Healthera App

1. Sign up to Healthera for as little as £69 per month

Speak with one of our friendly Pharmacy Innovation Managers to start the process of onboarding with Healthera

2. Gain access to Healthera’s 6 core tools and get listed on the app

See your pharmacy listed on the app and discover the benefits of having a digital wing of your business

3. Invite existing patients & get new patients via referrals

As well as securely inviting your current patients to the app, we’ll also show your pharmacy to local app users who don’t yet have a nominated pharmacy

Give Patients Another Reason to Stay

Despite the fantastic service that so many community pharmacies provide, you’ve still been forced to compete with the likes of Pharmacy2U and other corporations just to survive.

With so many online alternatives for getting medicine and clinical advice, your own app shows your patients that you can provide the ‘digital convenience’ they increasingly expect in the modern world.

Stability, Security, and the Highest Quality

Unlike other providers who simply run a “pharmacy app” as a side project (alongside their own pharmacy business), Healthera only focuses on our service to pharmacies.

Our 8 years of development, Cambridge-based team, and proven technology makes us the #1 choice for pharmacies when picking a provider for their app. 1,500+ pharmacies and 750,000 patients have already benefited from our position as a focused and established company.

“ROI” At Our Core

Pharmacies in the UK face a completely unfair struggle. The choice should never have to be between patients’ welfare and surviving as a business. That’s exactly why our platform has been developed with clear “return on investment” in mind.

The average pharmacy makes an extra £3,347 – £36,647 profit using our ROI-driving features, like the ability to send Private Prescriptions via our online doctor partnerships. With Healthera, you open up new revenue streams that most pharmacies simply can’t access.

Want to See What All This Could Mean for Your Pharmacy?

Stay Connected to Essential Pharmacy Tools

The Healthera app uses custom APIs to integrate with key pharmacy partners

(In simple terms, this means you don’t have to do any work securing licences, getting agreements, or cutting a path through red tape yourself…)

Plus: Give Your Patients an Easier Way to Adhere to Medicines

Your new pharmacy app won’t just be beneficial for orders. Patients also gain a handy prescription companion that will notify them when they need to take their next dose. 

With simple app ‘push notifications,’ Healthera helps increase an average patient’s adherence from 52% to 76% – saving money, increasing pharmacy orders, and helping patients stay healthy.

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Give Your Patients the Most Trusted Pharmacy App in the UK

Now’s your chance to partner with the best pharmacy app provider and prepare for the future of Community Pharmacy. Take a look at what else you get with a Healthera subscription…