Transform “14 Systems Into 1” With the UK’s #1 Pharmacy-to-Patient Platform

Manage your platform, market to your patients, keep track of orders, and much more, all from a single space. Healthera Connect™ reduces work for staff and provides visibility on how patients use your pharmacy.

1,500+ Pharmacies Use Healthera Connect™ to Save Time

A Single System to Manage Your Pharmacy’s Growth

When you join Healthera, you don’t just get access to a top-of-the-line app and a dedicated web page, you also get a platform purpose-built for your staff.

Healthera Connect™ is the only internal system you need to manage your app, your web page, your online orders & bookings, and your marketing – future-proofing necessities that would otherwise require £10,000’s in investment every year (not to mention a multitude of other systems to manage). Instead, we think it’s best to keep things simple.

Swerve the Impact of Budget Cuts

While GPs, NHS agencies, and the likes of Pharmacy2U have been given millions of pounds to invest in new technology, the UK’s vital community pharmacies have received nothing. It’s simply not fair.

Healthera Connect™ is your new secret weapon. The platform has been built and improved over the last 8 years, costing millions of pounds to develop. It’s time you had a level playing field. Save money by using what we’ve already built and earn more by utilising its ROI-focused features.

Invest in Your Pharmacy’s Future

At Healthera, our Connect platform is our focus. From it, we further develop our app and pharmacy web page functionality. We’re not a pharmacy ourselves so our only mission is to improve our platform and service for hardworking community pharmacies. It's why we're the UK's first choice for pharmacy platform.

We’re all in, so our pharmacies trust us to deliver revolutionary technology. This platform leads the Community Pharmacy space and we'll continue improving at a faster pace than anyone else. When you partner with Healthera, you’re investing in the future of pharmacy in the UK – and you can see it day-by-day through Healthera Connect™.

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Integrated Every Step of the Way

Our system uses custom APIs to integrate with key pharmacy partners

(In simple terms, this means you don’t have to do any work securing licences, getting agreements, or cutting a path through red tape yourself…)

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Take Full Control of Your Pharmacy’s Future

Simplify life for your pharmacy staff and stay connected from a single space. Take a look at what else you get with a Healthera subscription...