Our Vision for Community Pharmacy in 2024

Healthera was founded in 2017 around a single core idea: to give community pharmacies the support they deserve. 

Since then we’ve helped more than 1,500 pharmacies in the UK to digitise their offerings, streamline their processes and grow faster than any government official could have expected. 

We believe that the introduction of the Pharmacy First scheme is Community Pharmacy’s biggest opportunity in decades. Not only to rubber stamp your importance to the UK’s healthcare system in the eyes of patients, but also to generate more revenue than ever before. 

And Healthera is here to help you do it.

Let patients order prescriptions digitally

Increase sales of in-store products via an online store

Keep track of your pharmacy’s growth and performance

Reduce patient phone queries with simple two-way messaging

Advertise products and services to patients directly

Improve patients’ medical adherence and increase prescription orders

Get more orders from 750,000+ existing users

Manage orders from a single platform integrated with your PMR

Offer same hour Uber delivery to patients

Make it easier for patients to book services online

Offer patients an “end-to-end” Pharmacy First experience

Generate additional revenue through Healthera’s Private Prescription Referrals

Benefit from Royal Mail’s community pharmacy rates

Future-proof your business against online alternatives

Pharmacy First is a great opportunity for you to grow your pharmacy business, but in order to take advantage you need to ensure your pharmacy is able to offer a true “end-to-end” experience from their first consultation to having their medicines delivered.

Large online-only pharmacies like Pharmacy2U have already spent millions on developing technology to try and get patients to turn away from brick-and-mortar pharmacies, but they can’t give patients the same level of service that you provide everyday.

With Healthera, you can give your patients a simple, convenient way to order prescriptions, book services, purchase OTC items, schedule Pharmacy First consultations and more through your app and website – so they stay with you.

Generate more revenue for your pharmacy

When you partner with Healthera, you don’t just get access to the best technology available to community pharmacy.

As a Healthera partner, your pharmacy can take advantage of brand new opportunities to generate extra revenue like our Private Prescription Referral Scheme, which helped one of our partners generate £24,465 in just two months.

You’ll also have access to Healthera’s network of 750,000+ patients that use the app everyday, helping you to grow your prescription orders and service bookings without spending anything extra on marketing.

Make life easier for your pharmacy staff

With a team made up of pharmacists and ex-pharmacy staff, we know how hectic day-to-day life can be in your pharmacy.

Each of Healthera’s pharmacy and patient tools have been carefully designed and developed to save your staff valuable time, so they can focus on caring for your patients.

And with access to Healthera Connect, you’ll be able to view, manage and action all your patients orders and bookings with your pharmacy from a single dashboard.