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Get a dedicated app and web page for your patients via the Healthera App & the Healthera Website.

Already used & trusted by over 750,000 patients in the UK.

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Get a fully-branded, fully-functional “smart website” to make Healthera’s digital journeys your own. 

This includes a dedicated home on the Healthera App.


Perfect for larger pharmacies who want everything 100% self-branded…

Let Healthera build an independent website & app for your pharmacy. Everything is completely branded to you.

Join just 1% of pharmacies who have their own full digital platform.

Community pharmacies’ most asked questions about Healthera…

Yes. As well as using Healthera for your existing patients (who will have you as their dedicated pharmacy on the app), we can also send you orders from patients who’ve joined Healthera but don’t have a dedicated pharmacy. 

Effectively, this means you’ll be able to take advantage of Healthera’s own marketing budget. Whenever someone downloads the app who hasn’t been invited by a specific pharmacy, we’ll show them our pharmacy partners in their area. Once you’re on Healthera, that could be you!

We typically see our partners grow because of this function, so it’s a very popular way to increase prescription orders.

Absolutely. Healthera is designed to simplify processes within pharmacies, after all. 

Healthera Connect – our pharmacy-facing side of the platform – is easy to understand and is being continuously updated in-line with partner feedback. 

Not only are the functions inside Healthera Connect clearly labelled and intuitive, we also attach a dedicated account manager to your pharmacy and provide free, live training for your staff. 

Alongside step-by-step instruction documents, this means you’ll never be out of the loop on how the system works. 

100%. Both your pharmacy’s and your patients’ data is entirely safe. 

Healthera’s robust security policies and adherent data safety systems put your patients’ rights first. 

That means nobody can own your data other than you. 

Just like any other app, our access to your and your patients’ data is restricted to the safe transfer of information to allow for the intended function of the platform – you can read more about it in our clear data security policy.

No. Healthera is not owned by a pharmacy, nor is Healthera a pharmacy itself.

We understand the conflict of interest that other pharmacy platforms have caused when details about their links to pharmacies have emerged – no community pharmacy should be worried that a competitor is also responsible for their digital wellbeing. 

As such, Healthera remains entirely independent and impartial.

Yes it is! For your existing patients, it’s as simple as signing up to the app or website through your unique invite link (or they can select your pharmacy manually).

From there, they can enjoy your brand new digital platform (tried, tested, and approved by over half a million users in the UK).

Click here to take a look at Healthera on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for examples of how easy users find the app (or better yet, have a go yourself!)

Put simply… because we have the most experience (and the only fully-functioning platform). 

We’ve been doing this longer than anyone else and have already overcome all the teething problems that come with building an entire platform from scratch! (Something that new pharmacy platforms and their customers have to learn the hard way…)

Over the last 7 years, four or five other platforms have tried to offer the features, expertise, and support that we do to pharmacies. They all failed.

Why did we succeed where they couldn’t? Simple.

All of our 40+ team members ONLY focus on Healthera. We’re not a pharmacy who outsources a bit of development work on the side. We’re a company whose only focus is on providing the UK’s #1 pharmacy-to-patient platform.

Combine that with over 7 years of development and integration-building with the NHS & digital providers – and you get something that no other company can offer. 

An experienced, proven, and impartial platform.

And of course, it goes without saying that our world-class team (from our dedicated account managers, to our former-pharmacist directors, to our ready-to-help marketers) all work harder than any other organisation we can think of!