(Scroll down to see how one pharmacy made £24,000 in their first 2 months…)

Generate More Revenue For Your Pharmacy with Healthera’s Private Prescription Referrals

Just 2-3 orders per month cover the cost of your Healthera subscription…

It’s really as simple as…

Step 1:

Our online doctor partner sends us a prescription for a patient

Step 2:

These pre-paid orders are sent to your Healthera platform

Step 3:

You simply dispense and post the prescriptions to get reimbursed at a profit

This community pharmacy generated £24,000+ from Healthera’s private prescriptions in just 2 months

Hundreds of community pharmacies across the UK are already taking advantage of our Private Prescription referrals to generate more revenue for their business, without any additional effort.

With one of our partners generating an incredible £24,465 for their pharmacy in the first two months of our online doctor trial, just by actioning the pre-paid prescription orders we sent to their Healthera platform.

Start earning more revenue for your pharmacy with Healthera’s Private Prescription Referrals

With private prescriptions dominating the UK’s healthcare media in recent months, demand from patients for weight loss medications like Ozempic and Wegovy has never been higher…

So, why aren’t more community pharmacies taking advantage?

The truth is, without a significant marketing budget to hand, most community pharmacies simply aren’t able to reach the amount of patients they’d need to make the investment worth it…

And that’s without considering the countless hours it takes to hold consultations, prescribe patients, and in some cases, chase payments.

That’s why Healthera has joined forces with online doctors to help our community pharmacy partners generate more revenue than ever before. And the best thing is, you won’t need to spend a single penny yourself.

In fact, fulfilling private prescriptions through our referral program means you can earn more money for your business while focusing on what you do best: caring for your patients.

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