Introducing: Pharmacy's First "Smart Website" - Convert Web Visits into Orders & Bookings...

Get Healthera’s patient-journey technology on your very own website. Offer a way to order prescriptions, book services, buy OTCs, and schedule Pharmacy First consultations all on a fully-branded website with your own domain.

1,500+ Pharmacies Already Trust Healthera to Deliver the Best

1. Sign up to Healthera

This will also include the Healthera app, custom marketing material, a dedicated Pharmacy Success Specialist, and ongoing website management (+ support and SEO management)

2. Gain access to Healthera’s 6 core tools and get your unique website

Secure a fully-functional web presence and discover the benefits of having a digital wing of your business

3. Invite existing patients & get new patients via Healthera's own advertising

As well as securely inviting your current patients, we’ll also show your pharmacy to local web users who don’t yet have a nominated pharmacy

Unlock the Convenience You and Your Patients Deserve

Why should you have to rely on manual online forms, telephone calls, and physical prescription slips? Your own pharmacy "smart website" can do it for you automatically.

As a vital part of our frontline healthcare system, your pharmacy deserves a new ‘cutting edge’ relationship with patients – and they deserve the digital convenience they’ve come to expect from the modern world. Accessing your pharmacy's vital offerings through their laptop or PC is the perfect way to provide that for them.

Your Smart Website Brings “Easier Ordering & Easier Access” Than Ever Before

Not only does a Healthera-powered website make it easier for patients to order, book, and purchase from your pharmacy – it's also an easier way to get more patients using your pharmacy online.

You can link to your new website from anywhere (like on social media pages, in emails, or in ads), causing less friction in the order journey and allowing more people to see what you offer.

Over 750,000 Patients Already Approve Healthera

With thousands of pharmacies on board, tens of thousands of services booked, hundreds of thousands of patients using the platform, and millions of medicine orders processed, Healthera has already proven its reliability as a pharmacy platform.

For years, our pharmacy partners asked us to start a “website building service" with our technology. Now that we've launched just that, our platform has been described as the "ultimate digital solution for pharmacies". Your success is in safe hands.

Stay Connected to Essential Pharmacy Tools

Plus, your Smart Website and the Healthera platform use custom APIs to integrate with key pharmacy partners

(In simple terms, this means you don’t have to do any work securing licences, getting agreements, or cutting a path through red tape yourself…)

Book Your Free, 1-on-1 Demo with a Friendly Pharmacy Innovation Manager

(These demos can be as short as 15 minutes and you don’t need to prepare anything for the call!)

Unlock the New ‘Digital Wing’ of Your Pharmacy

Allow patients to manage their pharmacy experience through a laptop or PC. Take a look at what else you get with a Healthera subscription...