The Branded App & Website Service for Community Pharmacies

Full design, build, and management of your own digital space – trusted by premium pharmacies in the UK

Your Own Branded App

Your fully-branded mobile app will be built, maintained, and uploaded to both app stores so patients can easily find your pharmacy’s new digital home. 

From convenient prescriptions, to OTC items, to service bookings, to Pharmacy First consultations – patients will know your pharmacy is completely set for the digital era.

A Fully-Developed Website

Your complete, independent website will be hosted on your own domain (i.e., and will have identical ordering capabilities to your app. 

This will allow patients without a smartphone to access your pharmacy online from their PC or laptop, providing an even simpler route to healthcare.

Full Access to Healthera Connect™

Your pharmacy will receive access to the Healthera Connect™ platform – a centralised space for you to view your app & website orders, message your patients, and much more… 

Your staff will receive free, in-depth training, and year-round support from a dedicated key account manager.

A Proven Service Trusted by the UK’s Biggest Pharmacies

(And tried & tested by 750,000+ Patients)

The digital platforms we build are developed by the UK’s most experienced pharmacy app builders – Healthera’s talented, in-house team. 

Our developers, support staff, and account managers are full-time employees based in the UK, so our pharmacies know they receive the best support and swiftest responses available.

Healthera’s team is made up of lifelong pharmacists, healthcare professionals, and ex-pharmacy staff.

This means our partners’ apps and websites constantly improve because we recognise what struggles pharmacies and patients have to face on a daily basis. This experience, combined with pharmacy partner feedback, is used to implement solutions quickly.

And because we’re not a pharmacy ourselves, our white-label partners feel secure trusting an independent provider – not a competitor.

Your App, Your Website, Your Brand

Whilst most pharmacies using the standard Healthera platform simply need something to help streamline their business and bolster their online sales…

We know how important “brand continuity” is for that next step up.

From the app store, to your URL, to in-app offers, to privacy policy pages – everything is designed to fit your pharmacy’s existing brand.

To your patients, it’s as if the entire thing was built by you.

On top of this, our in-house marketing & design team are happy to produce bespoke material for your new platforms and help consult on your branding and advertising efforts.

The Premium Choice

(And tried & tested by 750,000+ Patients)

When pharmacies join Healthera as white-label partners, they get more than a fully-branded platform they can trust.

They’re also unlocking every feature, update, and industry-first integration that Healthera has developed over the last 7 years (with early access to future updates too.)

We’re the premium choice for white-label pharmacy apps & websites because we’re the only provider who can offer every digital pharmacy function.

With us, pharmacies know they have a platform their patients can rely on – reflected in our white-labelled apps’ ratings…


Coming Soon

Patients can use NHS login on both your app and website

Pharmacy staff receive status updates on orders with EPS Tracking

Go further than prescriptions with OTC, service booking, and Pharmacy First functionality

Patient loyalty and adherence is typically up to 24% higher

Every white-label partner benefits from Healthera’s exclusive integrations and updates, which are built and maintained by a 40-person team, based in Cambridge.