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How to get a prescription without seeing a doctor?

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

If you’ve run out of your prescription medicine and need more urgently, or you’re simply dealing with a common condition, you may be able to get the medication you need without seeing a doctor.

Before we look into how you can get the treatment you need: 

If you or someone else is experiencing severe symptoms like chest pain or difficulty breathing, it’s important that you call 999 immediately for urgent care.

How to get an emergency prescription

Visit or call 111

If you regularly receive your medication through a repeat prescription, you can use the NHS’s 111 online emergency prescription service by clicking this link

You will be asked a set of questions to establish your situation is not an emergency, who needs help, where you are, and when you are due to take your medicine, so they can give you the best advice on how to get the medicine you need. 

You will likely be referred to a pharmacy near you that has your medicine in stock. 

If you do not receive your medicine through a repeat prescription, you can visit or call 111 to discuss how you can get your medication. 

Visit a pharmacy near you

Pharmacies are able to provide certain emergency medicines even if you don’t have a prescription, however you may need to pay for your medicine if you are not exempt from paying. 

If you need help locating a pharmacy, you can use our pharmacy directories for where you are in the UK: 

How to book a Pharmacy First consultation

If you’re living in the UK and you or someone you care for are suffering from one of the following common conditions, you can book an online Pharmacy First consultation with a pharmacist who will be able to give you a proper diagnosis and, if appropriate, a prescription to help you get over your illness.

If you live in England, you can book an online consultation for these conditions:

If you live in Scotland, in addition to the above, you can also book in-branch consultations for these conditions: 

Frequently asked questions about prescriptions

What to do if my medicines run out?

If your medicines run out, contact your GP or pharmacist for advice on obtaining a refill or emergency prescription.

Can I get an emergency prescription?

Yes, you can get an emergency prescription in certain situations. Contact your GP or local NHS urgent care service for assistance.

What is Pharmacy First?

Pharmacy First is a service offering consultations with pharmacists for minor ailments or conditions, providing advice and, if needed, prescriptions without seeing a doctor.

A lady is stood at the pharmacy counter to collect her emergency prescriptions

Order your prescription online 💊

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