Healthera Reimbursement

If you haven’t yet provided us with bank details for your reimbursement, then please submit the secure form below

*If you prefer to provide this information over the phone, please dial 01223422018 between the hours of 09:00 - 17:00 on weekdays

*If not all fields are provided then reimbursement will be delayed

How You Receive Payment

You will be reimbursed monthly by Healthera for all private prescriptions you successfully dispensed – only orders that are completed and moved to the “ready” stage on Healthera Connect are considered dispensed. 

This will be:

  • Paid at 25% above the NHS drug tariff for the items dispensed
  • Suitable for reimbursement on other items like sharps and bins
  • Sent with an additional £10 to cover the cost of each delivery
  • Adjusted regularly in-line with the drug tariff to ensure you get a fair rate

Reimbursement reports are sent at the start of each month to the email address you provide here, followed by payment into your bank account shortly after. Any delay in providing this information may lead to delay in reimbursement.