Terms & Conditions - Healthera Marketplace

Last updated: 3 September 2021

These Terms

These terms are supplemental to the Pharmacy Terms & Conditions | Healthera which govern your Agreement with Healthera. Capitalised words used in these terms have the meaning given to them in the Pharmacy Terms & Conditions | Healthera unless otherwise defined below.

These terms apply to you if you choose to receive the Marketplace Services, a service that is available to any pharmacy customers with an Agreement with Healthera.

In accordance with clause 17 of the Pharmacy Terms & Conditions | Healthera, we may also make changes to these terms, so check back here from time to time. We’ll notify you of material changes at least 1 month before they happen. If you continue to access or use the Marketplace Services after being notified of a change, you’re deemed to have accepted that change.

Your existing Agreement with Healthera will continue in full force and effect for your Subscription Term.



What is Healthera Marketplace

Through Healthera Marketplace, we will actively market and match your Pharmacy Site to new patients coming onboard the Healthera App for a convenient way to obtain their healthcare products, including:

  • NHS Repeat Prescriptions by collection or delivery through your own delivery service
  • OTC medicines and P-Med (when available)
  • Service Booking (when available)

Receiving the Marketplace Services enables your Pharmacy Site to be matched to any patients who download the Healthera App within your vicinity and who have not been invited by a pharmacy.

Whilst you are receiving the Marketplace Services (“Marketplace Pharmacy”), your offerings will continue to be offered exclusively to patients who have already joined your pharmacy with no changes to the service or any additional cost.

As a Marketplace Pharmacy: 

  1. You will be promoted to patients who are joining the App for their prescriptions without a particular pharmacy having invited them.
  2. You are able to set up a delivery-guarantee geofence, within which you will be recommended to new patients who prefer delivery, and you are able to set up delivery days and time slots that can be offered to patients 
  3. You will be promoted to new patients in a similar fashion for OTC shopping and service bookings (when available) at no additional cost
  4. You can still continue to offer your current services without any change or cost.

Pharmacies that are not Marketplace Pharmacies:

  1. Are still able to invite all of their existing patients to connect with their pharmacy on the App
  2. Are available to patients who are looking for the pharmacy which invited them
  3. Are not available to patients who declared they are not invited by a pharmacy

Referred Item Fees

The charges relating to the Marketplace Services are set out below.

In this section:

  • we refer to a “Referred Patient” as an App user who has (i) not been invited to use the App by a pharmacy through text or email invite or (ii) stated that they were not invited to use the App by a pharmacy or (iii) is not otherwise an Existing Patient;
  • we consider an “Existing Patient” as someone who is an App user who has (i) been invited to the app by a pharmacy through text or email invite or (ii) stated that they were invited to use the App by a pharmacy or (iii) connected to your Pharmacy Site via the version of the App (Healthera or white-labelled) mainly offered by your Pharmacy Site before the commencement of the Marketplace Services or (iv) connected to your Pharmacy Site via a white-labelled version of the App; and
  • we class a “Referred Item” or “Delivery Partner Item” as any prescription item ordered by a Referred Patient to a Marketplace Pharmacy which is not declined by the pharmacy or cancelled by the patient.

The Healthera Marketplace is free to set up.

If you choose to receive the Marketplace Services, the dispensing of Referred Items to Referred Patients ordering from your Pharmacy Site will be subject to a per item fee, our “Referred Item Fee” (also called Delivery Partner Fee), payable by you to Healthera per Referred Item plus any applicable VAT at the prevailing rate.

The Referred Item Fees are: 

Until 31 October 2021

£0.00 for each Referred Item ordered for delivery;

£0.00 for each Referred Item ordered for collection

From 1 November 2021

£0.25 for each Referred Item ordered for delivery;

£0.30 for each Referred Item ordered for collection


We will invoice you monthly in arrears for the Referred Item Fees for Referred Items ordered in the relevant month. The tabulations will be made and invoice will be issued on around the 7th day of the following month.

Referred Patients will be labelled as such on the Healthera Connect.

If you are set up on Healthera Pay, the invoice will be automatically paid via your Stripe account; otherwise, payment will be taken in the same way as your current Subscription Fees. 

Billing Enquiries

If you would like to query the invoice or tabulation please contact us at account@healthera.co.uk within 14 days of the invoice.


What you’ll do

As a Marketplace Pharmacy you will:

  • ensure that you have the capacity to handle the increased volume of new patients from Healthera; and
  • process all repeat prescriptions in the set, timely manner defined in the Customer SLA;

Guaranteed Delivery

Healthera Marketplace allows you to set up a geofence free of charge in which you agree that you will be able to deliver to patients. Within that geofence you will be matched to patients by an algorithm based on their location, your size of geofence, and your processing times.

 As a Marketplace Pharmacy offering guaranteed delivery you will:

  •   inform Healthera of your delivery geofence, delivery dates and timeslots;
  •   provide delivery indiscriminately for any order that is placed within the geofence; and
  •   ensure timely deliveries of all repeat prescriptions ordered through the App.

Service Standards

Whilst you are receiving the Marketplace Services, you agree that you shall:

  •   endeavour to accept or decline all requests for repeat prescriptions within 2 working hours and no more than 8 working hours;
  •   perform deliveries within the App user’s designated time slot and ensure timely deliveries of all repeat prescriptions ordered through the App;
  •   receive all prescription payments and applicable Delivery Charges through in-app payment provided by Healthera; and
  •   share with Healthera your prescription dispensing, nomination, and cost data to help Healthera measure and improve the service.

In the event that a Pharmacy repeatedly breaches service standards, Healthera may issue warnings and may terminate the Pharmacy’s status as a Marketplace Pharmacy.


What we’ll do

If you choose to receive the Marketplace Services, we will:

  1. onboard and offboard each Marketplace Pharmacy to the Marketplace;
  2. help you monitor the platform for overdue orders and remind Marketplace Pharmacies periodically to stay within their SLA

Healthera makes no warranty about the quantity of Referred Patients or new Referred Items a specific Marketplace Pharmacy will gain. No charge will be made if there are no new Referred Items.


Joining and Leaving Healthera Marketplace

Every Customer with an Agreement with Healthera is eligible to be a part of Healthera Marketplace.

Free Access from 7th September 2021 to and including 31 October 2021

From 7th September, every Customer with an Agreement with Healthera will be added to the Healthera Marketplace free of charge.

No charges will be payable by the Customer until 1 November 2021.

Referred Item Fees will start accruing on Referred Items from 1 November 2021.


If you do not want to receive the Marketplace Services, you can leave the Healthera Marketplace at any point by informing us either via email or phone. Our provision of the Marketplace Services to you will persist until the end of the calendar month on which you give notice, after which the Marketplace Services will terminate.

Fees for Referred Items that have accrued prior to the termination of the Marketplace Services (if this is after 1 November 2021) shall be payable by you upon leaving the Healthera Marketplace. Referred Patients that have ordered with you as a Marketplace Pharmacy may be offered to order their prescriptions from other pharmacies within Healthera Marketplace.