How Healthera’s “myGP” integration boosts orders for local pharmacies

Giving 2.9 million+ patients easier access to their local pharmacies

After a doctor’s appointment, a patient uses myGP to order a prescription
The patient chooses to collect from a local pharmacy
The order is sent to one of Healthera’s 1,500+ local pharmacy partners
Over 2.9 million patients currently use myGP as their go-to GP appointment booking app.

Combined, myGP and Healthera serve almost 4 million people across the UK, so sharing the best of our features will see huge benefits for patients around the country.

Importantly for local pharmacies, this means that potentially hundreds of thousands of new patients will be able to order with them via myGP.

Any time a myGP user opts to “collect” a prescription order, they will be connected with Healthera’s network of 1,500+ local pharmacies – bringing convenience to patients and more revenue opportunities to pharmacies.


Connected with 99%+ of GPs
Actively promoted by 4,000+ GPs
Used by almost 3 million patients


Connected with 99%+ of GPs
Partnered with 1,500+ local pharmacies
Used by 750,000+ patients
Healthera aims to partner with providers in the health space who can help expand and upgrade the patient experience.

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