For Online Doctors Only:

Scale Your Private Prescription Business with Stock from 1,500+ Pharmacies

Healthera’s pharmacy network can help you source Wegovy, Ozempic, and Rybelsus for your patients. If you’d like help sourcing other medicine stock for private prescriptions, we’re open to enquiries.

1. Easily integrate into our purpose-built system for ePrescriptions

We already work with some of the UK’s biggest private doctors and over 1,500+ pharmacies so all the technology is ready to go

2. Our pharmacy network will automatically dispense and deliver the medicine for you

We’ll automatically assign your orders to pharmacies with stock so your patients get the fast service they expect

3. Stay in the loop with order tracking and simple billing

Instead of complicated negotiations with dozens of individual pharmacies, we give you an easy alternative with all the stock you need

The private medicine space boomed in 2023, with weight loss medications like Ozempic & Wegovy taking over the headlines…

This sudden spike in media attention has seen 100,000s of patients across the UK turn to private medication to achieve their weight loss goals and gain the confidence they’ve always wanted.

But severe shortages of available stock have prevented many online doctors from scaling their business in line with the current demand, with many prescriptions simply not being actioned.

That’s where Healthera could help you…

Offer Next Day Delivery to Private Prescription Patients in 2024 - Already Proven by £1 Million of Private Medicine Sales

We’ve built a proven, automated system that assigns private prescriptions to pharmacies across the UK with the ability to fulfil orders immediately.

Trialled by our first online doctor partner, our system saw thousands of prescriptions for Ozempic and Wegovy fulfilled by our pharmacies in the last 6 months alone…

Now, we’re partnered with multiple online doctors and have no shortage of stock from our pharmacy partners.

As well as simply extra orders, doctors working with us saved on average £30 per order – totalling an extra £45,000 in profit…

Are you ready to start scaling your business?

Scale Your Private Prescription Business Faster Than Ever

Avoid Supply Embargos

You’ll be able to rely on over 1,500 pharmacies to supply your patients even when stock levels are being controlled by the suppliers. Our pharmacies use tracked postal methods to deliver medications across the UK quickly, safely and securely.

Offer Collection at Pharmacies Nationwide

You’ll have access to our 1,500-strong network of UK pharmacies, allowing you to offer patients collection from a pharmacy local to them, wherever they live.

Source More Orders from Healthera’s Existing Patient Base

Healthera already has more than 750,000 patients using the platform to order their prescriptions. By partnering with us, you’ll be able to grow your orders via our in-app private prescription journey that’ll take patients direct to your online clinic.

Want to learn more about how Healthera could help grow your business?

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