Paid Delivery Terms

Additional Terms for Patient-Paid Delivery


1.1   Healthera shall allow the Customer to charge the Delivery Charge to Patients for each prescription delivery (“Standard Delivery”) through the App.

1.2   The Customer may offer free delivery by exempting certain Patients. Exempted Patients may choose to take up the paid delivery services through contributing a reduced Delivery Charge (“Concession Delivery”).

1.3   The Customer shall be promoted within the App as offering guaranteed delivery to addresses within its agreed geofence (as agreed between Healthera and the Customer).



2.1   The Customer shall complete its registration to Healthera’s designated in-app payment processing platform on or prior to the Contract Start Date.

2.2   Healthera shall enable the Customer to charge Patients for Delivery Charges in addition to NHS prescriptions charges through the App.

2.3   Healthera shall take payment of the Delivery Service Charge plus any applicable VAT from the Customer with each Delivery Charge transaction.

2.4   Healthera shall provide an invoice to the Customer at the end of each month detailing the number of paid deliveries that has taken place and Delivery Service Charges charged to the Customer.

2.5   All other payment-related terms and conditions shall apply (

2.6   The Net Delivery Charge shall be agreed between the Customer and Healthera and may be amended from time to time.

2.7   Healthera reserves the right to alter the Delivery Charge and Delivery Service Charge in relation to market demand and pricing coordination within its own network.

2.8   Standard payment transaction fees will continue to apply and be paid by the Customer.



Net Delivery Charge

per Standard Delivery

per Concession Delivery

Delivery Service Charge

per Standard Delivery

per Concession Delivery

Delivery Charge

Equals the Net Delivery Charge plus Delivery Service Charge, which is charged to Patients by the Customer.

Delivery Partner Obligations

The Customer shall at all times comply with the Delivery Partner Obligations.

The Customer shall:

  • perform local delivery (non-postal) to the best of its abilities;
  • process all repeat prescriptions in the set, timely manner defined in the Customer SLA within the Customer’s geofence;
  • perform deliveries within the App user’s designated time slot and ensure timely deliveries of all repeat prescriptions ordered through the App;
  • receive all prescription payments and applicable Delivery Charges through in-app payment provided by Healthera;
  • share with Healthera its prescription dispensing, nomination, and cost data to help Healthera measure and improve the service; and

In addition, the Customer warrants and represents that:

  • it has read, understood, and agree to Healthera’s Delivery Partner patient classification definition on Healthera’s pharmacy terms and conditions.
  • all Customer personnel shall have and shall continue to have the right to work in the UK;
  • all Customer delivery staff have undergone background checks approved by the Customer (Healthera reserve the right to require that a Customer delivery staff member undertakes a DBS check);
  • the vehicles used for delivery purposes have and will continue to have valid insurance for business use and are and will remain MOT test compliant;
  • it has the capacity to handle the increased volume of new patients from Healthera; and

it has systems in place to monitor delivery, when deliveries are either received or must be redelivered.

Delivery Partner Services

Healthera shall:

  • provide the Customer with in-app payment services powered by Stripe Connect;
  • use reasonable endeavours to ensure that SasS Service uptime rate is 99.9% or greater;
  • provide reasonable ongoing technical support to pharmacy staff and patients;
  • assist the Customer and Delivery Partner Patients with non-medical, order-related inquiries;
  • monitor repeat prescription workflow of the Customer and assist with queries from Authorised Users relating to the repeat prescription workflow with the aim of helping with the ordering process.