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Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

Allesley Pharmacy came aboard Healthera in June 2020. They have been based in their village since 1985 and can truly call themselves their local pharmacy! They have a wide range of NHS and private pharmacy services, covering one-off and repeat prescriptions, private prescriptions, and much more. Allesley Pharmacy pride themselves on always putting their customers’ needs first, and providing the gold standard in health care within Allesley.

Interview with Allesley pharmacy director, Gamdur Amar

Why did you join Healthera?

Gamdur: I joined Healthera as I needed a second pair of hands to deal with the admin around creating and building our business through social media. Healthera provided me with a solution to this as I wanted to reduce the time we spent dealing with non productive elements of the dispensing process and hence the time we were spending chasing scripts from surgeries on behalf of patients.

Healthera: What changes have you seen since joining?

Gamdur: More and more people are requesting the app after hearing from their friends and family.

Healthera: What would you consider the main benefit of being part of Healthera?

Gamdur: Main benefit to us is in reducing admin time and so allowing us to be more productive.

Healthera: How do you interact with your patients through Healthera? Do you use calls? Or is it mainly done through the in-app messenger?

Gamdur: Most of our interactions with the public tend to be via text messaging through the app as this can be done at any time. Especially for myself as I can contact patients outside of shop hours, which the customers do appreciate.

Healthera: What’s the main way you invite patients?

Gamdur: Main method of recruiting patients is in-store by word of mouth, followed by text / email invites after explaining the benefits to them.

Healthera: How has COVID-19 affected your business?

Gamdur: Covid has raised awareness in the village regarding health concerns and patients are very wary of spending too much time outside. So the App has allowed them to avoid coming out as they can order and track their medication without the need to keep calling us or popping in to check if their scripts are ready. This has also helped us in managing customer numbers in the pharmacy.

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