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Cadham Pharmacy

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

Cadham Pharmacy first joined Healthera in May 2019. They are a GPhC Excellent Award Winning Pharmacy based in the heart of Glenrothes Fife and offers CARE with NHS Medicines supply throughout Scotland and Clinical services. Providing 24/7 prescription collection, Travel Health, NHS Clinics, advanced triage clinics & much more.

Their many Clinics offer advice and care for every generation of your family at all ages and stages of life.

Interview with Cadham pharmacy director, Bernadette Brown

Why did you join Healthera?

Bernadette: To future proof our business and to easily stay in touch with our community.

Healthera: How did you find the onboarding process?

Bernadette: It was simple and straightforward. We are very proactive at the pharmacy and Healthera worked well at getting us live as soon as possible!

Healthera: What changes have you seen since joining?

Bernadette: Our stock buying has changed. Now with Healthera it’s very clear and it’s all up front. Healthera has helped us become a lot more streamlined.

Healthera: What would you consider the main benefit of being part of Healthera?

Bernadette: Being online, and being able to easily connect with my community. 

Healthera: How have your patients adapted to Healthera?

Bernadette: They have adapted very well! They were all keen on the idea and took minimal effort for them to come onto the app. We simply mention to them that it’s the best way to stay in contact, and would also be the port for a faster response.

Healthera: What’s the main way you invite patients?

Bernadette: By word of mouth and leaflets. We tell them it’s a way to stay in touch. That it’s more personal, and will allow them to communicate with us. Before we mention the fact you can order medication and prescriptions.

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