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Warwick Pharmacy

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

Warwick Pharmacy came onboard with Healthera in June 2020. They are a fantastic independent community pharmacy based in South West London, with more than 35 years of outstanding service from the same convenient location. They have a team of friendly, multilingual, and qualified professional pharmacists, always willing to provide free advice and explain things in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Interview with Warwick pharmacy director, Nishma Hirani

Why did you join Healthera?

Nishma: We wanted another avenue to encourage people to use our pharmacy, as previously we could order patients’ regular medicines on their behalf. Via the app patients don’t get encouraged to go to other pharmacies if they can order their medicines easily and communicate with the store easier. Also joined because a lot of stores are now having apps so we need to keep up with the times. We also liked that it gives us a chance to advertise other services that people may not be aware of.

Healthera: How did you find the onboarding process?

Nishma: This was easy; I was speaking to the same person and so it was easy and reassuring. The fact that you have a 3 month option avaialble is helpful before you make a big commitment, so you get to iron out ay teething problems or queries you may have.

Healthera: What changes have you seen since joining?

Nishma: As people are requesting their medicines through the app, we can chase up items with the surgery before the patient gets to us. Whereas previously this would be an issue for the customer once they are actually in store. Hence it delays us as we then need to chase the surgery then and there. That then means that the customer needs to come back, which can be frustrating for them. This doesn’t happen too often, but it ensures a smoother process for both parties.

Healthera: What would you consider the main benefit of being part of Healthera?

Nishma: You can easily track how many people are signed up to the service which helps us monitor our growth. As well as there being a full audit trail! 

Healthera: How do you interact with your patients through Healthera? Do you use calls? Or is it mainly done through the in-app messenger?

Nishma: We mainly use the in-house app messaging service, as well as the broadcasting message to help promote services.

Healthera: What’s the main way you invite patients?

Nishma: We were initially just giving out leaflets. But as we have a text message service, we incorporated the link into that, and we noticed more people joined the app that way than the leaflets as people were looking at it in their own time. However we still do discuss it in store. This way, as we pay for our text messages, once they use the app we can switch over to messaging via that platform, to encourage them to use it more.

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