Your pharmacy now has the ability to receive private prescriptions via the Healthera platform. Currently, this will be limited to one condition: Weight Management – prescribed by Dr. Frank’s Weight Loss Clinic ( 

As the first private prescription partnership that Healthera has entered into, we hope to expand the range of other clinical conditions in due course. 

Dr Frank’s will handle all the clinical consultations with patients, so you only need to dispense the drug when you receive a prescription via Healthera.

How We Will Send You Prescriptions

Prescriptions will be electronically sent via a secure electronic prescription software integrated with Healthera Connect.

Orders will appear similar to other types of orders, tagged as Private Medicine.

If you are unable to fulfil an order, due to stock constraints or other reasons, you should decline the order as quickly as possible so that we can reassign the order and ensure the patient receives their medication in a timely manner.

How You Receive Payment

You will be reimbursed monthly by Healthera for all private prescriptions you successfully dispensed. This will be:

  • Paid at 25% above the NHS drug tariff for the items dispensed
  • Suitable for reimbursement on other items like sharps and bins
  • Sent with an additional £5 to cover the cost of each delivery
  • Adjusted regularly in-line with the drug tariff to ensure you get a fair rate
Support Queries

Please see below to confirm who you should contact in case of specific queries:

  • Questions regarding information on individual prescriptions – Please contact Dr Frank’s Weight Loss Clinic at:
  • All other questions – Please contact Healthera directly at:
Terms & Conditions

By fulfilling you agree to our terms and conditions.

Pharmacy is responsible for the quality and expedience of delivery, any mis-delivery or incident in transit is the responsible of the pharmacy to resolve in conjunction with the pharmacies chosen courier

Pharmacy accepts all responsibility for the accuracy of the product and fulfilment of the prescription

Pharmacy may not contact patients for any reason other than to fulfil the medicines prescribed to the pharmacy, in line with GDPR

Pharmacy accepts that Healthera’s third party partners mentioned in these terms and conditions are financially liable for any private prescriptions processed through the platform

Pharmacy accepts that Healthera is only responsible for facilitating the payment between pharmacy and third party partners

Breach of terms may result in being removed from the fulfilment network, Healthera platform, fines and penalties may apply

Third party partners:

– Dr Frank’s Weight Loss Clinic (DAM HEALTHCARE LIMITED)

Data Sharing

The pharmacy acts as a sub-processor, any and all patient data related to the fulfilment of private medicine can only be used in line with Healthera private medicine fulfilment and for no other purpose. This follows both UK GDPR and DPA 2018. Relevant data includes but is not limited to:

  • Patient identifiers such as name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Type of medicine prescribed and quantity
  • Delivery address
  • Prescribing organisation
Other applicable T&C’s can be found here
T&C’s last updated: 3rd January 2024


  • Dr. Frank’s Weight Loss Clinic is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals in a safe and sustainable way. Our clinic specialises in using GLP-1 injections in conjunction with tailored exercise and nutrition plans to aid clients in their weight loss journey.

  • Please see website for full details: 
  • The service is operated under the name – DrFranks and managed by a partner organization Dam Health.
  • Medication is prescribed post consultation by a registered clinician, either medical doctor or nurse prescriber from DrFranks
  • Semaglutide does have an indication for weight loss. Currently the manufacturer of Ozempic has licence pending for weight loss in the UK. Wegovy has now been launched in the UK with a licensed indication for weight loss.


  • The lead clinician Dr Franklin Joseph is an Endocrinologist consultant specialising in Diabetes & Weight Management.


  • Any prescribing of medicines for weight management is the accountability of the clinician, including off – licence medicines.
  • The service is CQC registered and sits under the CQC registered banner of our Partner organisation Howell Medical which has a physical location in Liverpool Howell Medical Group under the leadership of Erika Howell who is an experienced and current CQC inspector.


  • All weight management services and infrastructure related to the weight management service (or slimming services as CQC deem it) are hosted by Howell Medical on our behalf.

    These include:

    • the EPR (We use Howell medical’s instance of Semble for all consultations and documentation)
    • staff training /competency
    • policies and procedures
    • patient transactions
  • This is undertaken by video call from one of Dr Franks clinicians on a monthly basis with the patient.
  • DrFranks clinicians are responsible for this aspect, there is no requirement for the pharmacy to undertake any part of the weight management service, except for prescription fulfillment.
  • This is undertaken on a monthly basis by the clinical team at Dr Franks
Dispensing & Fulfillment

Private medicine prescriptions will be sent to you via Healthera Connect, in a similar fashion to other types of orders you receive.

    • Typically on a monthly basis. The duration is patient specific depending on their weight loss & progress.
    • Additional medication may be prescribed if the patient is travelling
    • Ozempic 0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1mg injections
    • Wegovy 0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1.0mg, 1.7mg, 2.4mg
    • Rybelsus tablets
    • Saxenda pen
    • Anti sickness medication may also be prescribed PRN – Ondansetron
    • In addition, Sharps bins & additional Pen Tips may also be prescribed
  • You can order stock before the prescription order breaches SLA.


  • If you don’t believe you can get stock, we will allocate the prescription to another pharmacy.


  • Order from normal wholesale channels
    • May be required to send copy of prescription as proof of supply.
  • If available, maintain stock holding of Ozempic and Wegovy. There is significant demand for this private service & any new patients will require repeat monthly medications on a regular basis for some months.
  • DrFranks advises patients that they will usually receive their medication within 1-3 working days for collection orders and 2-4 working days for postal delivery orders (from prescription being received by the pharmacy).
  • The patient pays a single fee to DrFranks for the consultation & medication, so the pharmacy should NOT take payment from the patient

  • Healthera will reimburse the pharmacy on a monthly basis – refer to onboarding communication
  • The medicine should be sent via a cold-chain method of delivery, and must be sent “signed for”.


  • If the medicine is sent without requiring a signature upon delivery, and the patient does not receive the package then the liability for that package remains with the Pharmacy.
Cold Chain Delivery Advice
  • The cold chain involves the transportation of temperature-sensitive products along a supply chain through thermal and refrigerated packaging methods and the logistical planning to protect the integrity of these shipments.
  • Temperature regulating packaging can be used, and sent via usual standard postal methods, in order to save costs but maintain the temperature of the contents

Two examples of packaging below:

Option 1
Option 2

Note: It is at all times the responsibility of the pharmacy to understand which medicines require cold chain logistics, and to ensure the method of shipping and packaging used are suitable and effective.

  • Each prescription will have contact details of the prescriber with contact details