Healthera SLA


Uptime is referred to as ‘time the system is functional’ and the customer is able to perform critical business functions. This refers to the use of the website service across Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It includes the use of the Healthera App across Android and iOS devices.

Availability is calculated based on the following formula:

A = (T – M – D) / (T – M) x 100%

A = Availability

T = Total Monthly Minutes (1440 minutes per day)

M = Maintenance Time

D = Downtime


Credit Amount of Monthly Fee

> 97.9% but < 99.9%


> 96.9% but < 97.9%


< 96.9%

7% + 1% per hour thereafter

Downtime is the total number of minutes that the platform cannot be accessed by 1 or more users. The calculation of Downtime minutes excludes time that the USER is unable to access the Hosted Services due to any of the following:

(a) Maintenance Time

(b) USER’s own Internet service provider

(c) Force Majeure event

(d) Any systemic Internet failures

(e) Enhanced Services

(f)  Any failure in the USER’s own hardware, software or Network connection



Technical Support

Technical Support for pharmacies and patients is provided over the phone or via Intercom (a chat system embedded on the Healthera Connect ™ platform) and for patients, our in-app support channel respectively. Technical support is provided from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, Monday to Friday excluding British Bank Holidays.



Maintenance Notice


Maintenance notice must be provided in writing to the customer for any scheduled maintenance at least 72 hours in advance.

Limit scheduled maintenance that would cause Severity Level 1/2 Errors to two hours per month. Any maintenance outside of scheduled hours should be discussed and agreed to in writing with the customer.


Service Maintenance Times (Day)

Service Maintenance Times (Hours)

Monday to Friday

8 pm to 6 am


12 pm to 6 am


12 pm to 6 am


Problem Response Time



Response Time

Resolution Time (no compensatory payment) Business Hours


Unplanned interruption, no services available and no workaround available/or unable to order a prescription via the app and/or unable to action prescription requests on Healthera Connect ™

30 minutes

24 hours


Unplanned interruption, no services available; work around possible

2 hours

48  hours


Non-critical feature of the platform, stable workaround is available

8 hours



No significant disruption to business operations, non-time sensitive issues such as general questions

48 hours



Critical Functions

  1. Patients setting medication reminders
  2. Patients order prescriptions – AND requests being automatically sent and received by a GP Surgery for which the pharmacy has supplied email or faxes.
  3. Patients messaging the pharmacy
  4. Pharmacist having access to Healthera Connect ™ and being able to send prescription notifications to patients
  5. Pharmacist having access to Healthera Connect ™  and able to message patients
  6. Pharmacist inviting patients to download Healthera using Healthera Connect ™  


If SLAs are regularly breached, and the customer is unable to reliably perform business functions due to any part of the Healthera Connect ™ Platform or Healthera app having regular downtime, the customer would have the ability to terminate the contract.