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Healthera Fast Track coverage extends to 98% with TPP SystmOne Integration

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

We are very excited to announce that today we have officially expanded our popular Fast Track prescription ordering service to all GP practices using TPP SystmOne.

Alongside our IM1 integration with EMIS launched last year, and our extensive integration network through NHSMail and partnering CCGs, we bring our Fast Track coverage to 98% of England GPs, and overall coverage to virtually all UK GPs. Surely a monumental moment for the pharmacy industry!

What is TPP SystmOne?

SystmOne is a clinical system that allows GPs to access and update their patients’ historical medical data and prescribe medicines. With 40% GP market share in England, SystmOne is the second most commonly used clinical system. EMIS and SystmOne together make up 98% of the GP market.

How does the Fast Track integration work?

This integration required a lengthy process of accreditation and thorough communications between Healthera, TPP and the NHS, to ensure that patients will be getting the best and safest service possible. Our Fast Track takes advantage of this integration and allows participating patients to put their prescription requests directly into the GP’s clinical workflow, bypassing manual admin check and saving all parties time. 

In the last year, we have measured that requests sent by Fast Track are about 30% faster than other requests – a significant improvement and massive time-saver for patients.

The Fast Track is not mandatory – only those patients who want to use it can use it. As a pharmacy you can choose to promote this to your patients as much or as little you like.

Last year we became the only digital service that brings the IM1 integration to the community pharmacy industry, where it used to be monopolised by GP IT providers, large corporations and online pharmacies. Now with this collaboration with SystmOne, we further democratise this service to the industry’s benefit and ensure our pharmacy partners always stay several steps ahead.

What does this mean for pharmacies?

You don’t need to do anything different at all! But what this means is that your patients who choose to use the service will now be connected to the GPs that use TPP, completely streamlining the process. Over 40% of patients are with GPs that use the TPP system, and this will help you support them, while making a substantial difference in the time taken for you to carry out repeat prescription requests.

If you want to promote this service to patients to drive uptake,  you can use the broadcast feature within Healthera Connect and speak to patients when they come in.

What does this mean for patients?

For patients with GPs that use TPP SystmOne and choose to set up Fast Track, your order waiting time will be significantly reduced. Your prescription data will also be automatically updated in the app according to changes your GP makes when you have connected to their services.

What about data protection?

SystmOne is a secure system, and the patient data remains between healthcare providers that require the information and the patient.

What now?

Once SystmOne is live, patients will be able to input a linkage key in the app and continue using the service. They can do this by contacting their GP surgery and letting them know that they would like to start using their online services.


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