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June 2020 Release

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

This month, Healthera’s talented technical team released a number of updates to our services. These were based on improving in accordance with feedback from pharmacies, patients, and others in the healthcare industry.

You can read about these updates below:

Connect Improvements

Healthera Connect is our pharmacy system that automates manual work in your pharmacy.

Firstly, the most requested feature was the option to archive repeats in overdue. You can now do this and clear the request without notifying the patient!

Secondly in the repeats tab, you will now be able to see an overdue section. This will display pending repeats, that are 6 to 28 days past the order creation date.

These will highlight orders that you will need to action to give patients the best experience.

The auto timer is also being removed to prevent orders from being automatically processed.

Each day, you will receive a popup when you open Connect that will inform you of how many overdue repeats exist and where to action them.

Design Changes

There is now a new home screen which helps users get quick access to the main journeys within the app (Ordering a medicine & Setting a reminder), and to give the user a better idea of how Healthera can benefit them and outline the next steps to take.

Users who have selected a Freelisted pharmacy will also be presented with a chance to get their medicines delivered during the ordering process

PDP Commissioning Improvements

There will now be a conclusive report produced to calculate for each PDP pharmacy the commissions from PDP order.

Pre-existing patients will now have the correct commission status so that pharmacies are only charged for the orders that meet the commissioning criteria. A report of monthly charges for each organisation will be produced to support the Finance team.

Bug Fixes

We have fixed the decline button for GPSOC repeats. When integration is switched off we now do not display an integration method on Connect

System Security Upgrades

We have upgraded our version of Node.JS which will improve our system security

The pipeline for apps has been investigated and started to be implemented so we can have more frequent stable releases

We won’t stop here. Healthera is dedicated to continuously growing and amending our technology, systems, and services.


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