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New Healthera Service Available – March Update

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

We’re excited to announce the latest updates to the Healthera platform. 

The Healthera team remains as dedicated as ever to giving your pharmacy (and your patients) the best possible experience, and we’re confident the new features will help you to grow your business, and bring in more revenue.

Keep reading to find out what’s new:

We Launched Our White-label Service

A common request from our pharmacy partners has been the ability to adapt Healthera’s platform to be 100% branded and customised as an independent solution.

This is something we already provide for a few of the UK’s top groups and independent:

We understand that for some pharmacies it’s important to have something that patients can immediately recognise as yours.

And that’s why we officially launched our new “White-Label Service” in February.

This is a fully-built, custom solution based on Healthera, which needs to be fully adapted and maintained. It’s almost like building a whole new Healthera platform, and that’s why spaces for the service are limited in 2023.

If you’d like to discover what this service entails, please click the button below to see our new “White-Label” page.

Healthera Partners Making the Most of “Pro” Features

Since the key “Pro” features launched on the Healthera platform, the uptake has been incredible, with more than 80% of our pharmacy partners opting in. 

These features were developed by the Healthera team to give our partners the edge they need to grow their businesses in 2023:

  • EPS Tracking: NHS login patients automatically have their order status updated by NHS Spine, reducing the need to chase GPs for updates.

  • Scheduled Orders: Patients that set up a “scheduled order” are reminded when to “approve” their next prescription, this will see an increase in regular prescription orders for your pharmacy.

  • Segmented Broadcasting: You can now reach out to patients with targeted messaging, advertise your OTC and service offerings to the right audience.

  • Web App: With access to your new Online Prescription Portal, patients can now place orders with your pharmacy from their laptops and PCs.

New Text Invite Screens Improve Patient Sign Ups

To help our pharmacy partners grow their patient numbers on the Healthera platform, we’ve fully redesigned what your patients see when you send them text invites to join your app. 

This new design has significantly improved conversion, meaning that patients are now 50% more likely (than the previous iteration) to sign up to your app when you send them a text invite.

So if you’re looking to introduce more of your patients to your Healthera platform, now is the best time to do it.

Your account manager will be more than happy to guide you through the process of sending out a Multi-Text Invite, which allows you to reach out to all your patients at once with a direct link to your Healthera app.

To get started, click the button below and your account manager will be in touch as soon as possible: 

Introducing First Time Scheduled Orders + 84 Day Cycles

We’ve made it easier for new patients to schedule their first prescription on the Healthera app – this should not only make the app more useful for patients, but also bring you regular additional revenue through increased prescription orders. 

They can now preschedule their first order according to how many days they have left on their current prescription:


In the above example, the patient has 20 days left of their current medication, so they’ve been able to pre-schedule their next prescription order on the Healthera app. This order will be sent through in 13 days, to make sure that they never run out of medication. 

In addition to this, we’ve added a “84 Days” option to the scheduled order renewal cycle for patients that order their medications every 12 weeks (another feature patients have been asking for).

SmartSelect_20230301_150914_Healthera UAT

New Email Alerts: New Patients in Your Area

We’re going to be regularly letting our pharmacy partners know how many patients have signed up to the Healthera platform in their area. 

(In fact, you may have already noticed one of these emails in your inbox)

This number will not only include patients that you’ve personally invited to your Healthera platform, but through other methods too (including our own marketing).

We hope that these regular updates will give you a clear idea of the growth potential your pharmacy has unlocked by partnering with Healthera.


Upcoming: Free One-Click Marketing Material

To help our partners further drive patient growth and secure nominations, we’re making it easier for you to advertise your Healthera platform to your patients.

We’ll be releasing brand-new marketing material on the Healthera Connect platform for you to download, print and share however you want to.

We understand that it’s important to you that your patients only ever see your pharmacy on the Healthera app, and that’s why your marketing material will automatically populate with your pharmacy’s direct link QR code.

And if you’ve supplied us with your branding colours and logo, these will also be instantly applied to your materials to give you complete ownership of your marketing efforts.

Another month, another round of exciting additions to the Healthera platform.

Thank you for your continued trust in us, we’re committed to ensuring your Healthera platform remains at the forefront of innovation for community pharmacy in the UK.

Stay tuned for our next newsletter to stay informed of what’s coming next.

All the best,
– The Healthera Team

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