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Paydens Group chooses Healthera as mobile app partner

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

Patients can expect a modern, simple way to repeat order prescriptions and communicate securely with their local Paydens pharmacy.

Paydens Group, in conjunction with Healthera Ltd, launched their new patient mobile app for iOS and Android. The app will be rolled out across all 127 pharmacies in the Paydens Group across South-East England, reaching over half a million patients.

The Paydens app is based on Healthera technology, a patient app listed on the NHS Apps Library which is currently offered by hundreds of independent pharmacies. The app allows patients to order their repeat prescriptions from within the app saving time for both Paydens staff and customers alike while giving the patient a visible representation as to their prescription status.

Just as the Healthera app, the new Paydens app will act as a medicine management tool, ensuring patient compliance with their medication. This ensures that patients take their medication regularly and at the correct times to maximise the medical effects of the prescription whilst minimising wastage. Patients can also use the app as a two-way messaging platform to connect with their local Paydens pharmacy and access their clinical service offerings.

Speaking about the new partnership between Healthera Ltd and Paydens Group, Paydens Managing Director Alexander Pay commented, “We are committed to providing a great service to our patients and by launching this app they can now order their repeat prescriptions and communicate digitally with their local Paydens pharmacy – giving them the choice of how they want to interact with us. It is clear that the trend towards a greater use of digital solutions in pharmacy and the NHS is only going to gather pace and so by choosing the Healthera technology for our app we are ensuring that our pharmacies are well placed for the future.”Quintus Liu, CEO of Healthera commented, “We’re extremely pleased to work with Paydens to launch an innovative digital health service with a brand name that is already familiar to the thousands of patients who visit Paydens pharmacies every day. This is another step toward our mission of solving healthcare challenges through bringing digital innovation to people’s local healthcare providers. We look forward to plenty of more exciting development with Paydens and the whole pharmacy industry later this year.”


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