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The IM1 Integration (GPSoC)

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

The IM1 Integration (GPSoC) and what it means for your pharmacy business

On behalf of the Healthera team, I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that our most highly anticipated and one of the most impactful feature updates of 2020, will soon be here – Healthera has acquired the IM1 Pairing Integration with GP clinical systems!

You can already see our live listing here.

While most of our customers and partners have an overall idea of what the IM1 Pairing Integration is and how it impacts repeat prescribing, few can exactly describe the benefit that Healthera acquiring the integration will bring to their pharmacy. We hope this blog will help to clarify the benefits of this integration to our partner pharmacies.

What the IM1 Pairing Integration is

The IM1 Pairing Integration (IM1) is a technical tool and process that allows digital suppliers to directly talk to GP clinical systems (supplied by EMIS, Vision, TPP), both reading data from the systems and putting data into the systems. 

Up until recently, the IM1 was offered to suppliers through the GPSoC framework run by NHS Digital, which is why colloquially the integration is also called “GPSoC”. In the coming few months the GpSoC framework will be replaced by GP Connect, but the underlying technology remains the same.

However, IM1 alone is just a technical tool; how it’s applied, and what benefits it brings, are as versatile as the companies that adopt it. 

Currently, IM1 integration is mostly monopolised and controlled by two types of apps. The first type is GP record apps like Patient Access, Evergreen, myGP and the NHS App, which focus on allowing patients to access their records and book appointments with their GP’s; some do allow repeat prescription requesting, but pharmacies are mostly an afterthought. The second type is online pharmacies or corporate pharmacies, which focus on repeat prescription ordering but only taking prescriptions to its own distant-selling pharmacy, or distant-selling department within the corporate.  

Healthera has already developed an end-to-end experience for repeat prescriptions and opened it up to all independent and multiples who want to offer the best experience to their patients. Here is how we’ll use the IM1 to make the experience even better.

Speed – Fast Track your repeat prescriptions

Patients have always been able to request repeat prescriptions directly to their GP using Healthera without the pharmacy needing to relay the message. 

With IM1 Integration, patients who choose to take up the new service will be able to send their repeat prescription requests to the front of the GP workflow, bypassing the front desk staff, meaning that on average their prescription will be processed faster. 

Because Healthera’s partner pharmacies only work with local patients and local GP’s, our average waiting time for GP approval is already around the 2-day mark. We expect to get closer to a 24-hour or even same-day prescriptions with IM1 Fast Track, allowing you to offer the fastest, most reliable experience in the market.

Access and Growth

There are some regions where CCG’s are heavily promoting patients to order online. In that case, you should see patient numbers and nominations increase for your pharmacy from the additional patients who pick up the app from their GP promotions.

Automation and Control

Patients who opt to use the IM1 Fast Track within Healthera will automatically be nominated to your pharmacy on the NHS Spine, which used to be done manually and needed checking each time. This means less work and more control to your pharmacy. 

The other features, such as messaging, service booking, in-app branding, and messaging your patients will stay the same with this upgrade, ensuring that your relationships with your patients are stronger than ever.

We are the first company to democratise the IM1 integration for the pharmacy community, and we are proud to welcome you along for the journey towards this milestone and all the exciting ones to come.

When will IM1 Integration (GPSoC) with Healthera take place?

We are due to go live in the first week of April. If you want your pharmacy to be in our public Beta test group then do contact us to be one of the first to take advantage of our latest initiative.


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