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Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

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Healthera has been featured in The Journal of mHealth’s latest issue, Culture & Implementation – Key Components of Successful Technology Adoption. The Journal of mHealth is a leading international publication that provides healthcare professionals with the latest updates in innovative health technology.

The latest issue had a specific focus on the surge of implementation of technology within the healthcare industry. During the current pandemic, members of the healthcare industry, namely pharmacies, have had to significantly speed up the process of digitising their services to allow them to keep up with new and changing requirements.

This issue addresses how, and if, the integration of technology within the healthcare industry has been successful, and if it is sustainable as the industry continues to change. The most important way to do this is to ensure that it becomes part of the culture. It’s also important that the technology that is introduced is essential to the success of the industry that uses it.

Journey of mHealth sat down with Healthera co-founders Quintus Liu and Martin Hao to discuss the significant changes in the way patients access medication as a result of Covid-19 and how we have been able to ensure that pharmacies are able to adapt to that change.

“Demand for repeat prescriptions from patients has soared during the pandemic as people maintain social distancing rules to help stop the spread of Covid-19, yet still require access to vital medication.  This shift in the market has seen entrepreneurs, both Cambridge Engineering Alumni, Quintus Liu and Martin Hao, experience a sharp rise in demand for their digital prescriptions management app, Healthera.

By responding quickly during the outbreak to ensure the fastest, most reliable way of obtaining medicines is accessible from every neighbourhood, hundreds of thousands of patients have used the innovative app to order prescriptions. 

With a passion for health tech, the Healthera team are at a stage of scaling up in the UK and considering growth further afield; the current crisis has triggered a big change in the way people access medication and Healthera has proved how quickly it can adapt.”

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