Healthera Pharmacy Support

Support Using Healthera as a Pharmacy Partner

Organising Repeat Prescriptions

In the repeats tab, you will now be able to see an archive option for orders. This allows you to archive orders from the ‘New’, ‘Pending’, and ‘Overdue’ tabs of repeats.

The archiving feature allows you to complete orders and clear your platform without notifying the patient. We understand you can be very busy in the pharmacy so it may be that an order has not been updated and the patient has already collected, this will allow you to move this order without the confusion of a notification to the patient to say the order is ready.

When archiving an order you will be asked to confirm this so no order can be archived in error. Once you have selected the order will then move to the ‘Archived Repeats’ section at the bottom of the page.

The aim of this new feature is to allow you to more effectively keep track of orders that are awaiting items or information from the surgery.

Once you have selected the flagging icon you will be presented with a list of reasons why you could be flagging this. (Please note flagging will notify the patient the order has been flagged and the reason selected.)

If the reason is not included in the list you can select ‘Other Reason’, this will allow you to type the reason the order is flagged and instructions for the users. (Again please note the patient will be able to see the information you have entered)

Once the order has been flagged this will turn red in connect and show the reason selected for flagging.

Once the issue is resolved and you wish to remove the flag to complete the order if you click on the flag icon again you will then be asked to confirm the removal of the flag and this will notify the patient.

Once the flag is removed you will then be able to update the patients’ orders accordingly.

Under the Repeats tab you have the ability to see all of your patients prescription requests.

Repeat prescriptions are organised into three stages Requested, Processing, and Ready:
New- A patient has just placed a new repeat order via the Healthera patient app. You are now responsible for reviewing it and moving it to the Processing stage.

Pending – The request is being reviewed by the patients GP surgery or the POD (Prescription Ordering Direct).

Ready – The prescription has been dispensed and is now ready for collection or delivery.

You can mark the order as Done in the Ready column if the prescription has been received by the patient, this will clear the order from the Ready column and move it to Archived Repeats.

Please note: At the very bottom of the page you will see Archived Repeats and Terminated Repeats. The Archived tab is where you will find the full history of completed prescriptions that have been successfully received by the patient.
In the Terminated tab you will find orders that have been cancelled or rejected by the pharmacy, GP surgery or POD.

These will highlight orders that you will need to action to give patients the best experience. Each day, you will receive a popup when you open Connect that will inform you of how many overdue repeats exist and where to action them.

Within the overdue section, you will also be able to archive the requests without notifying the patient.

When archiving an order you will be asked to confirm this so no order can be archived in error. Once you have selected the order will then move to the ‘Archived Repeats’ section at the bottom of the page.

GPSoC Integration

This means:
– Fast Track repeat prescriptions for your patients
– Healthera App appears on every GP Online Services Letter in all EMIS and SystmOne (TTP) GP Surgeries
– Patient will be able to nominate your pharmacy directly within the Healthera App

As a Healthera Pharmacy, this GPSoC integration does not require any changes to your workflow. It will enable quicker responses from your patients’ GP which enables you to process and dispense patient orders quicker. You are still responsible for arranging collection and delivery by marking the order “Ready”.

If a patient has linked their account with the GPSOC integration this will show as the surgery method when they place an order.
The Fast Track is not mandatory – only those patients who want to use it can use it. As a pharmacy you can choose to promote this to your patients as much or as little you like. Patients will be able to input a linkage key in the app to access this service. They can do this by contacting their GP surgery and letting them know that they would like to start using their online services.

To begin just click on a patient under the Repeats tab to see their prescription request, and whether or not their GP surgery is integrated.

Healthera operates repeat prescriptions under two models, INTEGRATED and NON-INTEGRATED.
INTEGRATED REQUESTS are sent from the Healthera patient app directly to the GP surgery or the POD (Prescription Ordering Direct) via the GP surgery’s preferred method (email, GPSOC or fax).

– Once you have nominated a patient to your pharmacy on their first prescription request, any subsequent orders requested by that patient will automatically be sent to the Pending column.
– At the same time the request will be sent electronically, informing the GP surgery or the POD via email or fax.
– You are able to see which method the GP surgery will receive the request. Just click on the patient in question and it will in the bottom right hand box under ‘Sent to Surgery:’

NON-INTEGRATED REQUESTS are repeat prescription requests sent to you at the pharmacy awaiting manual processing.

Each repeat order requested by the patient will come into the New column.

You will need to print the patient’s prescription on either an A4 PDF or the blank side of an NHS token and send this across the patients surgery.

Once the patient prescription has been printed using your preferred option you will need to tick both boxes (see bottom of pop-up window).

Managing Healthera Connect™

Please note, the Healthera Connect Platform will not run on other browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Click here to download Google Chrome

Saving the Healthera Connect Platform to your browser will allow you to quickly access the platform, so you no longer have to type the URL into the search bar.

The ‘Star’ icon is found on the far-right hand side of the URL search bar

– Once the Platform has been bookmarked, the ‘Star’ will turn blue
– The Healthera Connect Platform will now be accessible through the bookmarks tab on the top of the browser
– You can now click on the Healthera icon and you will be directed to the Healthera Connect Platform

Scroll down to the ‘Team members’ section

Simply enter your pharmacy member’s email address

Then click ‘Add Member’

There is no limit as to how many members you can add

Your members will now be able to access the Healthera Connect Platform

– On the left hand side of the Healthera Connect Platform, the patient’s tab allows you to see a list of patients that are matched with your pharmacy

To message a patient:
– Click on their name within the list OR
– Type their name in the search bar
– The red circle icon refers to the number of notifications that need to be actioned

Once you have clicked on the patients name, you will be able to view their details on ‘Patient’ or send them a message on the ‘Messages’ tab
– The Speech bubble icon includes preset messages which can be used to reply to patients with common queries
– If none of the messages are applicable, you of course can type and personalise your own reply to patients

On the left-hand side of the Healthera Connect Platform is a menu to help you navigate to a specific area.
Broadcast messaging allows you to reach out to all of your patients in one go. Awesome, right? Just go to the Broadcasting tab to get started.

To use Broadcast messaging follow the quick and easy steps below:
– Type your broadcast message
– Press Send

Please see the below steps on how to manage your notifications.

To turn on your email notifications:
– Click on the avatar in the top right hand corner on the platform
– Click Profile
– Scroll down to Preferences
– Tick the following boxes Messages, Appointments, Repeats and New patients
– Click Save

You will now receive email notifications which will show up in your inbox when a patient places an order, sends you a message and books a service
To turn off notifications at any time just un-tick the boxes

To turn on desktop notifications:
– Upon your first login you will be prompted to accept to receive desktop notifications
– You will receive notifications when you are on the Healthera platform, they will appear as a black tab on the bottom right of the screen

When the platform is minimised and running in the background notifications will appear on the top right hand corner of your desktop as a google chrome notification

You can add and edit your pharmacy information under the Pharmacies tab so it appears correctly to your patients, on the Healthera patient app, neat right?

To offer patient delivery please see the below steps:
– Toggle on Offer repeat delivery so it appears green
– Input number of miles in the Radius field e.g. 5 miles
– To offer delivery and specify a region instead of a radius:
– Toggle on Offer repeat delivery so it appears green (if it isn’t already)
– Leave radius blank
– Type in your region in the Criteria field
– Press +

To offer delivery for certain patients only:
– Input your criteria under the Criteria section (example: house bound patients only) and click +

To turn off the option for patient delivery:
– Toggle off Offer repeat delivery


The Calendar feature is a great way of booking services for your patients and keeping track of patient appointments.

On the interactive calendar you can create an appointment for a patient by clicking CREATE AN APPOINTMENT.

– To find the patient just type their name in the Search patient field
– You can then search for the service they require below in the Search service field
– Then select the appointment time/date

Please note: You also have the ability to send the patient a text invite to this booking by clicking TEXT INVITE

– You can then complete the booking by pressing Create Booking on the right hand side.
– This appointment will be available to view in the Calendar tab
– The patient will also get a notification informing them of the booking

Listing all of the services you offer is a great way of enabling patients to book a service with your pharmacy through the Healthera patient app.
Please see the below steps on how to list a new service under the Services tab:
– Change the avatar by hovering over the default avatar
– Enter the service name
– Enter the service description

– You have the option to toggle on the Pin it! feature – This promotes the service by pinning the service to the top of the list of services you offer.
– Book by phone only – If the Book by phone only toggle is switched on the patient will be prompted to call the pharmacy to book the service.
– Book by phone only switched off – This enables the patient to book a service on the Healthera patient app. Click into the table and select the days and times you would like this service to be available. The green blocks are available slots.
– Start date/End date ongoing – This feature will be switched on by default when creating a new service. This means the service start date and end date is ongoing. You can switch this feature off and manually enter when you would like a service to start/end.
– You have the ability to switch on the 24 hour service booking feature. This will extend the service availability table to 24 hours.