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The Power of Going Digital to Grow Your Pharmacy Business

Andrew Bellingham

Andrew Bellingham

Pharmacist | 20+ Years | BPharm | Dip Clin Pharm

Many people would agree that technology can be addictive. And while we don’t advocate people spending vast amounts of time glued to a screen, in reality, the majority of us are reliant on some form of tech or another. As an independent pharmacy, it is important to see the opportunity in this; from a marketing perspective, the rise of apps and social media platforms arguably holds the key to greater business success. However you feel about technology on a personal level, if you are looking to enhance your independent pharmacy marketing, we are confident that going digital is the best approach.

This has been evidenced through the incredible increase in patients moving to digital means of ordering their prescriptions since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Online pharmacies (sometimes referred to as digital or internet pharmacies by patients) have been prepared for this surge and therefore have benefitted from though growing patient nominations.

We have been involved in digital innovation in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that independent pharmacies don’t get left behind.

Communicate with your customers

As an independent pharmacy, you will undoubtedly appreciate the importance of good communication in building and maintaining relationships with patients. This plays a crucial role in increasing customer retention.

Communication is at the core of almost all social media platforms. And this is why embracing digital can take your independent pharmacy marketing to the next level. We recommend establishing a presence online and on social media to give people easy access to your contact details as well as providing additional information about the services you offer.

With Healthera however, you can take this communication channel one step further. Our cutting-edge technology is designed to enhance the patient experience while saving valuable pharmacy time.

The pharmacy technology that supports our patient app has a built-in messaging feature, allowing you and your patients to communicate easily. We recognise that patients often have queries or concerns regarding their prescription orders. Similarly, we understand that time is precious for pharmacists. This is why Healthera’s messaging feature plays such an important role in managing communications and keeping patients informed and happy.

While options such as Facebook are useful, they don’t equip you with the same kind of powerful tools necessary to elevate your independent pharmacy marketing. Request a demo to find out how Healthera can help your pharmacy business thrive.

Market to your patient base

Nowadays, advertising is part of daily life. It’s hard to comprehend or track how many adverts we see each day. From your TV screen to your email inbox, the kind of advertising we take in varies greatly in efficacy. But the key to a great marketing strategy is knowing your audience. Marketing your pharmacy business is much more effective with this understanding.

The Healthera Connect platform creates a space for you to market your services and promotions to all your existing patients. That means no wasted time trying to track potential customers down. With Healthera’s broadcast feature, you can send push notifications to your entire patient base, drawing attention to the fantastic services you can offer them.

Compared with other digital platforms, Healthera is proven to be the most cost-effective. Find out more about marketing your pharmacy business with Healthera.

Ultimately, the aim is to provide your patients with the best experience possible while also facilitating business growth. Healthera takes your entire offering online which allows you to better manage your patients, drastically increase service bookings and nurture pharmacy-patient relationships.


Healthera operates a leading healthcare marketplace that provides patients with medicines, healthcare services and products through the largest digital platform of pharmacies and GPs in the UK, including national chains and independent providers. Download Healthera App to order NHS repeat prescription online!

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